Stop Trying to Date Him – Log Horizon Entaku Houkai Episode 9 Review

This is a review for Episode 9 of Log Horizon Season 3: Destruction of the Round Table.

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Honestly, the highlight of this episode for me had to be the shopping trip. 

Not because I wanted to see Minori making googly eyes at Shiroe, but because the potions and other RPG dungeon-y things looks pretty neat. 

It’s kind of sad that Log Horizon has been reduced to this. 

I wonder…do you think we’ll get another season after this? I know the light novels still have a bunch of material to be adapted. It seems the problem with this was that: 

  1. They waited way too long to make another season. Tax evasion is serious and all, but people nowadays have an even shorter attention span than before.  
  2. The anime market is currently oversaturated. Especially with Log Horizon coming back when big players like Attack on TitanRe:ZeroJujutsu Kaisen, etc. currently airing and dominating the winter season.

And I guess for a third point, the pace is so much slower than past seasons. Which I truly don’t mind, but after 6 years I guess this feels harsher than it would have, well…6 years ago. 

I know Log Horizon doesn’t need to make up for lost time, but it sort of feels that way. Judging what little buzz the new season premiere of the anime had surrounding it coupled with discussions currently going on in forums, that seems to be the community consensus. 

Is this the end of an era for this series? 

The genius finally attacking at the end of the episode after Minori had her fantasy date with Shiroe was a great pretext for next week, but halfway through this week’s show I was bored. Provided, I am currently doing laundry and a few other things while trying to watch the episode. But when I was fully focused and honed in…it kind of just dragged. 

“Oh no, the kids have never been in a raid” 

“Oh no, Tetora is still rightfully salty and decided to make the useless Izumo sisters suffer during training with the kids” 

“Oh no, Minori doesn’t have enough money to buy potions for her raid party and then the guild master who has been lecturing her the entire time paid for it with the guild money’s funds because…he is the guild leader” 

“Oh no, Shiroe is the only one worried about the genius attacking and when he calls Issac to express his concerns he just laughs while eating oden and hangs up” 

“Oh no, all of the adults are gone and the whole guild house is glitchy” 

“Oh no, all the kids are alo-wait…everyone else is fighting in the preview.  

The kids are fine. There is no danger at all. They are fully prepared for this battle by conveniently going shopping this episode.  

What was I even worried about in the first place?” 

I know that was a bit melodramatic, but that is basically what it feels like the anime wants the average viewer to think. Which is odd, considering this series has always been well thought out and intelligent in its worldbuilding and logic. 

I don’t know. Maybe I’m reading into this more than I should. Like when Rudy was trying to better himself as a Person of the Land turned Adventurer and Isuzu essentially reprimands him for learning. 


I guess it really has just come down to Minori the high school girl trying to get with the older college student Shiroe. Serara trying to bang the cat Nyanta who is really an old man, and Isuzu trying to bang the NPC Rudy… 

I mean, what is even going on in this show anymore?  

The oden Isaac was eating actually looked really good...Log Horizon Season 3 Episode 9
The Oden Isaac was eating actually looked really good…Log Horizon Season 3 Episode 9

Is Log Horizon Season 3 even worth watching anymore? I feel like if I wasn’t reviewing this, I might have dropped it until the season finished out.  

Is anybody else more than slightly off put by the fact that Minori trying to date Shiroe is actually currently a central plotline? 

Can we just go get Krusty and fight on the moon and do some cool guild stuff? Please? 


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