A Season of MacGuffins – Log Horizon Entaku Houkai Episode 11 Review

This is a review for Episode 11 of Log Horizon Season 3: Destruction of the Round Table.

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Well, that got dark fairly quickly. 

I’m not going to lie, when the kids and Akatsuki reached the top floor of the guild building, I thought it would be empty.  

When it was and they realized it, I laughed out loud. 

It was all fun and games when they were breezing through their battles, and then things got serious. 

I was not expecting the Genius Eirenus to be so…sinister? 

(Especially since all the other genius thus far have kind of been a joke.  

Like Krusty for instance. 

“Work with me” 


*The genius then proceeds to curse Krusty by limiting his status and chucks him into a beautiful temple in China. *  

Ohh, so spooky.) 

I mean…taking people’s memories mid-battle, manipulating you into thinking the one you idolize has fallen –  all to demoralize you and keep you in a perpetual twilight? That was bad enough.  

What was even worse was how they animated Toya after he was flung like a ragdoll by Eirenus with dead anime eyes. 

And even ABOVE that travesty, they really didn’t show us what memory Akatsuki was seeing, or who she idolized.  

Show us Akatsuki's memory of Shiroe! Log Horizon Season 3, Episode 11
Show us Akatsuki’s memory of Shiroe! Log Horizon Season 3, Episode 11

(I rewound the episode like a good 3-4 times trying to find out) 

Akatsuki mentioning that ‘her lord’ was never a hero to begin with (which is true) is what snapped her out of the funk and essentially saved everyone else. Had Akatsuki not been there, the kids really would have been screwed. 

Especially since it took Toya mentioning their first major raid battle being a proxy for slaying their Hamelin trauma to get most present even motivated enough to fight.  

I know some people find Minori annoying, but I think she did really well this episode standing on her own. 

She was level-headed, made great decisions, and was the only one unaffected enough for a good portion of the Genius fight, and well-aware of her surroundings. 

Minori did everything right this episode – it’s just that boss really threw them a curveball. 

Speaking of curveballs, did anybody else laugh when they realized Soujiro led those monsters away after spotting the kids’ raiding party in the guild just so that he could finally die and leave the instance?  

He looked so relieved to be done with it all. Haha. 

But…I guess I’ll wrap this one up here. 

I think tomorrow is the season finale. 

I haven’t looked into it much, but I heard the author is working on the light novel again. Given that there’s not much source material for now, another Log Horizon anime adaptation might be far off.  

Please tell me in the comment section if I’m wrong, though.  

There are so many loose threads hanging around that could have been covered or resolved, and I would love to see that happen if we do get another season. 

So…question time. 

Soujiro only showed up twice this season and stole every scene he was in. Log Horizon Season 3, Episode 11
Soujiro only showed up twice this season and stole every scene he was in. Log Horizon Season 3, Episode 11

Why do you think Eins and Touri Saiguu are on the promo poster when they had such a miniscule role in season 3?  

Did Eins really leave his guild Honesty hanging in Akiba? 

Why was this season called ‘destruction of the roundtable’ when we only got four episodes of that mcguffin of a plotline? 

What happens if nobody defeats the Akiba Instance? I know from the preview that obviously they do, but what if they didn’t? What happens then? 

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