Is Inside Job Worth Watching? 

A rouge AI meant to be the US President’s robotic double has gone wild? Just another day at Cognito Inc for Reagan Ridley in Netflix’s Inside Job.

Was the Moon Landing fake? Is Flat Earth real? Inside Job on Netflix explores these popular conspiracy theories – but is the adult-themed animated TV show worth watching? 

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Over the Garden Wall Is A Masterpiece

Brothers Wirt and Greg visit the unknown where a Beast attempts to claim their lost souls. Are the woods they journey through symbolism for purgatory?

Over the Garden Wall is a deeply moving tale about two half-brothers’ journeys through “The Unknown” of purgatory after suffering a near-death experience. The Cartoon Network miniseries relies heavily on symbolism, mythology, and knowledge of classic fairytales to truly decern your own meaning by analyzing their journey.

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Chanda Breaks the Simulation – Pantheon Ep 3 Review 

A copy of Chanda’s core data breaks free from the Alliance telecoms simulation. Meanwhile, Maddie forces her parents into a digital date night via a video game.

“Emotion is important for creative problem solving.” 

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Maddie Takes Down Logorhythms – Pantheon Ep 2 Review

Maddie and Ellen Kim visit Logorhythms HQ. After receiving help from the deceased Laurie Lowell, Maddie is able to free a portion of her father David’s mind.

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I don’t think it is possible to capture, contain, or force the will of a human mind to become a machine. 

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Ghost in the Machine – Pantheon Ep 1 Review

Logorhythms created a program to upload human minds into a cloud. Two years after her father’s death, Maddie Kim begins receiving messages from a machine ghost.

Wow, what a spicy start to this series! 

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Is Castlevania Based On A True Story?

Lisa Tepes was murdered by the Church of Wallachia for trying to improve the life of peasants in Netflix’s Castlevania. But, is there any truth to this tale?

In my article on Castlevania Season One, I mentioned the perceived clerical error (either intentional or otherwise) relating to our world’s timeline.  

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What is the Church Hiding in Castlevania Season One?

A vampiric origin story characterized by madness- or a love story cut short by a meddlesome church? This is a review for Netflix’s Castlevania season one.

I am actually ashamed… that I slept on Castlevania this long.

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Day 8: The Lonely Office Lady Nightmare

Day 8: Isolation and Loneliness.

I have a confession to make: I’ve never really understood office life.

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Day 6: Arnold and the Headless Cabbie

Day 6: Urban Legends: Haunted trains, phantom locomotives and the like. Part II. (Hey Arnold and the Headless Cabbie)

Howdy, everyone. So it’s currently 10:26 pm and tonight we are going to talk about Hey Arnold once more! Season 4, episode 6 specifically – “Headless Cabbie, Friday the 13th”.

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