Why Did Eren Yeager Betray Humanity?

The Fritz King saved his subjects and then erased their memories. Faced with worldwide hatred, Eren decides to betray humanity and save only Paradis Island.

Despite years of searching for truth in his world and putting his life on the line, Eren Yeager decides to betray humanity and commit global genocide by using The Rumbling.  

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Eren Yeager Will Achieve His Goal    

Eren Yeager will live on in an anime original ending and achieve his goal of saving Paradis Island. Does The Rumbling opening by SiM hint at what’s yet to come?

Check out our theory on why Jean joined the Survey Corps here.

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Eren’s PATHs Vision in AoT Episode 78 Fully Explained 

Does Eren Yeager’s vision before meeting Zeke in PATHs hint at multiple timelines – proving Attack on Titan Season 4 will receive an anime original ending?

Check out our previous AoT Theory here

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Why Did Jean Kirstein Want to Join the Military Police? 

Why did Jean Kirstein wake up one day and suddenly wish to join the military? Reviewing The Sudden Visitor: The Torturous Curse of Youth Attack on Titan OVA.

Grab a saddle and hitch up, because today we are going to discuss Jeanbo the Stallion’s OVA. 

Check out our analysis of Eren’s anime-only Memory Shards from ch 120 here

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Mikasa the Butterfly Goddess Theory – Lost Girls OVA Review 

Did the 2018 Attack on Titan Lost Girls OVA actually predict and spoil the manga series 2021 ending? This is a review and discussion for the AoT Lost Girls OVA.

Why did Mikasa Ackerman experience headaches all throughout both the Attack on Titan anime and Shingeki no Kyojin manga series? And why is Mikasa always associated with a blue butterfly and alternate timelines that result in the time loop theory?

Who is the Mirror Man in the Lost Girls OVA? 

And was the Lost Girls OVA foreshadowing for Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 138 and its ending? 

Let’s try to answer all of the questions above in one post. But in order to do so, we need to go back to Season one, and discuss all of the alternative timelines created since then. 

*Beware spoilers, I guess* 

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What if Farmer Kun was a Noble? Attack on Titan Fanfiction 

What if Farmer Kun was the son of a noble who sought to regain his confiscated property? This is an Attack on Titan What If scenario explored.

So believe it or not, I actually wrote this in June of last year.  

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Will Attack on Titan Have An Anime Original Ending? 

Will AoT have an anime original ending due to the anime taking place in a timeline different than the manga series? This is my last cope regarding this story.

Update for 01/13/2022 – Hey everyone, since this post consistently gets a lot of traffic I just wanted to mention that I’m pretty sure we are getting an Anime Orignal Ending, and I’m working on a huge theory post with evidence.

If you’re interested, you can check out my thoughts on Jean and Mikasa‘s OVAs to see my research process and where I’m going with all of this. ☺

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Stop Idolizing These People

Just a friendly reminder that criticism is healthy for a fandom, and to stop idolizing these people you do not know.

So as usual, I was going to write this a few days ago. But then stopped myself because I felt that I was being too harsh. 

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Was Zeke Targeted by Tom Ksaver to Inherit the Beast Titan?

Was Zeke Yeager targeted to inherit the Beast Titan the same way Grisha Yeager was to inherit the Attack Titan from Eren Kruger?

This is an Attack on Titan theory that contains mild – moderate manga spoilers (from ch. 121 onward).

So for a few years now, there has been this persisting theory: The Owl and The Beast Titan Tom Xaver were working together the whole time. 

Maybe they were both Eldian Restorationists, but differing ideals made them go about their mission alternatively. Or maybe, it was always supposed to be this way. 

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Eren Yeager and Hallucigenia in Attack on Titan

Eren Yeager and Ymir Fritz both gained their founding titan power from Hallucigenia Sparsa. Does Eren have better control over the spinal creature?

Eren Yeager has used hallucigenia sparsa to regenerate his body and possibly traverse alternate timelines with its power PATHs.

These are just a few merged images I had lying around of both the Hallucigenia spinal creature and panels from the Attack on Titan manga series after creating the initial Anime Anthology entry.

Please beware major plot spoilers.

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