Not Sure About My Reaction to the Detective Pikachu Trailer

Is this the personification of Ruined Childhood?

detective pikachu

Growing up, I liked Pokemon as much as the next person. I have this vivid memory of trading cards with cousins at my grandma’s house. I accidentally traded a holographic vaporeon for a lesser pocket monster and immediately regretted it. My older male cousin would not trade back, prompting me to cry until one of the adults made him give it back.

They all called me a crybaby and we never played cards together again.

But even today, I can go into one of my old grade school binders and flip through lamented plastic sleeves protecting treasures from the 90s. I don’t think they can say the same – so who’s laughing now?

detective pikachu 3

On a serious note, today I discovered this film called Detective Pikachu. Premiering May 10th, 2019 it marks the first ever live-action Pokémon movie. I logged onto twitter to talk about Marvel Comics Legend Stan Lee passing and came across the film and actor Ryan Reynolds trending. Deadpool was a smash success at the box office and I have nothing against the actor but in all honesty – I rolled my eyes when I saw his involvement.  Especially since I distinctly remember the yellow mouse being a girl, along with revelations concerning Blue from Blue’s Clues.

I likened the film to a Ted sort of deal – you all remember that raunchy teddy bear film, right? I then associated it with Family Guy; which I like, but I’ve had enough of that series over the years.

After seeing people compare jigglypuff to a washed up mobster moonlighting as a deranged lounge singer, I took myself over to YouTube and watched the trailer. As others had suggested, it would be wonderful if he were played by Danny DeVito.

detective pikachu 6

And boy, did I have some feelings.

detective pikachu 2

Charzard is terrifying. Charmander is still adorable.

detective pikachu 4

Psyduck looks like the tormented soul I always knew he was and Mr. Mine really is just that creepy.

detective pikachu 5

It gave me the same feelings of nostalgia growing up watching the Harry Potter movies after reading the books.

Only this world, everything is gritty and very much not the Solarpunk paradise the games seem to paint. Nothing is green, people aren’t walking around with flowers in their hair and goodwill in their hearts.

Ryme City looks like any major urban area with a seedy underbelly. What’s more – Pikachu is a damn detective! I know this theme has probably been explored in anime, manga, and Nintendo 3DS spin-off games but gosh it is so different seeing realistically rendered Pokémon in our world settings.

The trailer also makes subtle references to the universe, such as the Squirtle Squad being wanted criminals in the police station, or having cartoony depictions of Pokes as city parade floats. There is even one scene where the main character (didn’t catch if his name was Ash or not) is walking through a night market and the signs have the weird off-shoots of Japanese characters that were adapted into the American Gameboy versions to seem like some sort of made up language. Trainer Mistry even seems to show up later in the film!

It just feels real, and I am super excited for it all. I didn’t know I needed this in my life until now.

Have you watched the Detective Pikachu trailer yet? Can you believe The Pokemon Company and Nintendo signed onto something that seems geared towards millennial adults? What monster do you hope is in the film? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more impromptu (borderline fangirl) posts like this!

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Will Kingdom Hearts III Disappoint Us?

I would consider myself an avid Kingdom Hearts fan.

I would consider myself an avid Kingdom Hearts fan.

Not a hardcore fan, as I could not afford it. It was most likely 2003 when my mom purchased the game for 9 or 10-year-old me. About three years later the second main story game came out in the series, and I was able to play that as well. There was a slew of spin-off games that no one asked for. All of these games for some reason were on various different platforms, another thing no one asked for. I played Chain of Memories, as I owned a Game Boy Advance SP but that was the last game I played.

In my last lengthy article entitled “The Importance of Chopsticks” I delve deeper into my relationship with Japanese media and subculture. Kingdom Hearts was the first game I played where I knew it was consciously Japanese. Sure, Mario 64 and the like were Japanese but I found that out later on in life.

Utada Hikaru’s “Simple and Clean” could send any fanboy or girl into a dancing frenzy. I played Kingdom Hearts and felt a shift in my consciousness. I started using forums for the first time posting my own fan theories surrounding the many mysteries the game left us at the time. I created my first email address with my favorite character’s name in it – Riku. I used almost all of our home computer’s printer ink printing out a high-resolution image of Kingdom Hearts 2’s CGI ending. The gang was reunited once more.

Talks of the third game were on the horizon, and the hype was at an all-time high. Every trailer for the main story was analyzed with scrutiny.

But as the years passed, the whisper of “Kingdom Hearts 3 Now in Development” was not enough.

And people gave up.

Sora 1

People slowly stopped talking about it, the fandom slowly decayed on Tumblr.

There was some excitement when Japan decided to export a Final Mix game, and I eagerly brought KH Final Mix 1.5 and 2.5 to watch the stories of the games I could not afford to buy in the past.

Timeline explanation videos began popping up on YouTube. Trying to make sense of the entire series, just in case we actually got KH3.

It became a running gag. KH3 would be released with Half-Life 3. Our grandkids would love KH3. KH3 would be the launch title for the PS7.

No one expected anything.

It made it worse that Nomura Tetsuya was more occupied with the Final Fantasy series than his own series. The hodgepodge series of Disney characters and Final Fantasy characters we adored. The characters with awkward oversized boots and zippered pants that would make any Hot Topic goth mad.

Is Hot Topic even a thing anymore? The store in my local mall closed years ago.

Nomura not working on Kingdom Hearts 3 is akin in my mind to George RR Martin working on Wild Cards instead of finishing the A Song of Ice and Fire series books.

In retrospect, Nomura was working on Final Fantasy games before Kingdom Hearts, and George worked on Wild Cards before ASOIAF. These simple truths, however, do not quell the salt in my heart.

February 10th, 2018.

Disney’s D23 Expo in Japan drops the Kingdom Hearts III ‘Monster’s Inc’ trailer. Utada Hikaru has signed on with a new song. Riku has a new outfit. He somehow broke his keyblade and is going to leave it in the darkness for his…heartless? His nobody? Xehanort? The real Ansem the Wise? Aqua? A member of Organization 13? Didn’t they all die in the second game?

But then in the new trailer Marluxia says it’s good to see Sora again, but Sora also forgot the plot and has no clue who he is. Unless that duel to the death in Chain of Memories was against Marluxia and Riku – my chain of memories is weak. Then in a cutscene, Sora recognizes Vanitas – except it’s not Sora- it’s probably Terra inside of Sora’s heart…who is different from Roxas who was Sora’s nobody that was created when he lost his heart in Hollow Bastion in KH1 to release Kairi’s heart.

Speaking of Kairi, maybe she’ll actually have a role in this game. Other than being Sora’s ethereal emotional support in KH1 and running around a beach before getting kidnapped and literally dragged into the story in KH2.

Bottom line: I am happy we got a substantial trailer. I am not happy that we have a release date for the release date, which is this summer’s E3 convention.

Whatever may happen, I’ll reserve any further excitement and anticipation for this summer. It will determine whether or not I’ll go out and buy a PS4 for the game that may never truly be.