Autumn in Kyushu – Sakuraco November Box Review 

Today we’re looking at Sakuraco’s Japanese snack subscription box! Does it miss the mark? Or offer an unparalleled glimpse into seasonal fall treats from Japan?

Note: I received this box in exchange for an honest review. 

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Finding Seasonal Sakura Mochi | 花見餅 | 和菓子

Finding seasonal sakura, or cherry blossom mochi doesn’t have to be difficult!

Does Sakura Mochi taste as good as it looks?

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What Do Cherry Blossoms Taste Like? | Sakura Goromo | 和菓子

Have you ever wondered what Cherry Blossom flavored items taste like? Anime always makes them look really great.

Today we’ll take a look at Sakura inspired creations and how they stack up against other Japanese snacks.

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