Was That Justice? – Trolley Ep 5 Kdrama Recap

Kim Hye Ju’s past relationship with Seung Ho and why she left Youngsan are revealed. Soo Bin causes trouble around town looking for her lost lip balm.

I wasn’t sure why Kim Hye Ju was acting like a scared child when being confronted and outright bullied by Jin Seung Hee.

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Bury the Past – Trolley Ep 4 Kdrama Recap

Kim Hye Ju’s past comes back to haunt her due to a television appearance during Ji Hoon’s funeral. Assemblyman Nam decides to fully pursue his political career.

I’m a little late getting to my review of Trolley Episode 4, but this episode definitely did not disappoint! Kim Hye Ju’s past is coming back to haunt her, and it seems there may be more to Soo Bin and Assemblyman Nam’s relationship than we originally thought!

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She Knows Something  – Trolley Episode 3 Kdrama Recap 

Hye Joo and Joong Do met and bonded while doing social work and running away from their past. A fateful encounter threatens to expose Soo Bin’s secret.

You know, I’m actually surprised at just how much emphasis is being placed on Hye Joo being the weak link that ruins the marriage and breaks her husband’s political career. 

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The Mysterious Wife – Trolley Episode 1 – 2 Kdrama Recap 

Assemblyman Nam Joong Do has led a very quiet life alongside his secretive wife Hye Ju. Will the unexpected death of his son Ji Hoon threaten their peace?

Trolley is off to a great start and appears to be another Netflix kdrama brimming with potential! 

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Is Kocowa Worth It? 

The Korean Wave is in full effect, making Korean-centric TV shows and drama a global phenomenon. With so many streaming service choices should you try Kocowa?

With all of the emerging Korean television streaming services now dominating the market, is a Kocowa subscription worth it in 2022? 

Note: I received a free trial of the Kocowa app in exchange for an honest review. 

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Is My Unfamiliar Family Worth Watching? 

When devoted husband Kim Sang Shik accidently reveals a long-held secret, the once happy Kim family spirals out of control due to various misunderstandings.

What if the peaceful family life you experienced all of your life turned out to be a lie? 

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Is Extraordinary Attorney Woo A Good Kdrama?

Although brilliant, Attorney Woo Young Woo cannot find a job due to having autism. After accepting a job offer at Hanbada, her adult life finally begins.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Extraordinary Attorney Woo win legal battles and talk about whales each week.  

When the series finished airing, I was very surprised to find such a mixed reception to what I believed to be a fairly authentic representation of a genius woman with a learning disability finding her way in life. 

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Is Cafe Minamdang Worth Watching?

Framed for murder, criminal profiler Nam Han Joon decides to become a fraudulent shaman instead! Can he catch the elusive assailant Gopuri and clear his name?

So I’m not going to lie, after watching bits and pieces of Café Minamdang’s first three episodes on Netflix, I wasn’t sure what to expect. 

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Our Blues is Worth Watching

The residents of the quaint Pureung Village work at the fish market, and quietly go about their lives. Let’s explore why Our Blues is a kdrama worth watching.

Our Blues is a 2022 Netflix series that completely and unexpectedly captured my heart. 

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Is the Kdrama a Documentary? Our Beloved Summer Ep 16 Review

Is the happy ending and positive praise surrounding this kdrama series well-deserved? This is a recap for Our Beloved Summer Episode 16 Finale on Netflix.

Check out our previous episode review here

So it’s been a long while since this series ended, and I still haven’t written my final review. Since I felt overwhelmingly negative after watching episode 16, I decided to take a week (or two) and collect my thoughts, reanalyze them, and see if I felt differently within time. 

Spoiler alert: I don’t have any different feelings from my initial ones.   

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