Remote Work

I’ve been pursuing remote work. It’d been hard breaking into it at first, but keeping a positive mentality always helps.

“sometimes the best way to solve your own problems, is to help someone else”

-Uncle Iroh, ATLA/TLoK

Cheesy, I know. But fictional characters oftentimes are more inspirational than those currently in our lives.

Anyway, here are a few resources to get you started if you are also taking this journey. Whether it be to simply telecommute, go fully remote, or even dare I say become a digital nomad – I wish you luck on this journey.


Subreddit for Telecommuting

Subreddit for Digital Nomad lifestyle

Freelance Writing

FreelanceWritingGigs Posts most weekdays about freelance/blogging writing opportunities.

Upwork is a good site for many freelance gigs/ job opportunities. Be careful of scams, too good to be true deals and with any of these sites I list, remember to do your due diligence.

I hear ProBlogger is still popular with the kids, haven’t tried this site out for myself yet, however.

Fiverr is still good for some pocket change, maybe even more if you find your niche.


CloudPeeps for SEO, analytics, copywriters and startup culture.

Codeable for you WordPress devs out there.

Hacker News Techies, rejoice!

Toptal for the devs and designers and more.

Remote Job Boards (Reddit community consensus of most frequented/liked)

Github for tech jobs.

WeWorkRemotely updates fairly often. Does a bit of vetting (from my experience) with their job posts.

RemoteOK is very aesthetically pleasing, not to mention it has stats on top grossing positions, a list of fully remote companies and does a bit of vetting in their listings. is my personal fav. Updates frequently, always a good selection of customer support positions readily available. With all of these boards, due diligence is important.

Working Nomads be sure to sign up for their email updates. Mainly tech positions but they offer other categories as well, just less frequently.

Flexjobs is there if you would like to pay a monthly subscription for their services. Fully vetted jobs, so one less thing to worry about when trying to go remote.

Authentic Jobs is tech-heavy, but there are also some other great positions if you’re willing to dig.

Angel List is the mother load of all startups looking for great people. Some are remote, some are location-based, all are pretty promising. Also another cool thing – you can apply for any position with one resume and your profile. Just remember to type something good in the ‘note’ section – your cover letter or highlight your skills.

Hey, Maybe we can keep each other updated on our progress? Because we will have progress this new year – this wonderful 2018.

Did I miss anything? Feel free to let me know – I can keep this resource updated for anyone who comes across it!


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