Commander Armin the Hypocrite – AoT No Requiem Part 3 Review 

Stuck in PATHS, Armin and Zeke discuss morality and ideology together. Outside, chaos reigns in a fight between the Alliance and Eren’s primordial titans.

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I had put this review off for a while.  

Not that I wasn’t excited to read this, but honestly – I just kind of forgot what was going on in the AoT no Requiem manga. 

It’s weird.  

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Will Attack on Titan Have An Anime Original Ending? 

Will AoT have an anime original ending due to the anime taking place in a timeline different than the manga series? This is my last cope regarding this story.

Update for 01/13/2022 – Hey everyone, since this post consistently gets a lot of traffic I just wanted to mention that I’m pretty sure we are getting an Anime Orignal Ending, and I’m working on a huge theory post with evidence.

If you’re interested, you can check out my thoughts on Jean and Mikasa‘s OVAs to see my research process and where I’m going with all of this. ☺

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Discussing the AoT no Requiem Part 2 Fanfiction Review

Dialogue and scenarios I wanted to see in the official manga series and the kino that was promised. This is a review of AoT No Requiem Part 2.

“It is a rewrite of the last three chapters of Attack on Titan (137, 138, 139) and combined into ONE long chapter updated into parts.” 

Read the fan made comic for yourself over on their website

Check out my thoughts on Part One of the fanfic here.

Wooo! This certainly was an improvement from Part One. 

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