Back to Middle School – Tokyo Revengers Ep 1 Review

Takemichi time travels to the past to save his middle school ex girlfriend? This is a First Impressions review for Episode one of the Tokyo Revengers anime.

I just need to put a little disclaimer before I begin the first impressions review: 

I have chosen to use the swastika in ‘the Tokyo Revengers’ title, as the manga uses.  The ‘manji’ symbol in Japanese does not denote hate, or the tilted swastika connotations associated in the West with fascism, and nazi-ism.  

As an American Indian woman, I view the ancient symbol as something sacred that denotes peace and wellbeing. 

I do not intend to offend persons while using this symbol for the episode preview synopsis, and leave this disclaimer as a warning for those who may be easily triggered by it.  

Thank you. 

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