More Than Just An Office Drama – Misaeng: Incomplete Life Kdrama Review

Jang Geu Rae is a talented baduk player who never went to college. Can he overcome the hardships experienced in the real world during his internship?

A chase scene in Jordan. A young fashionable man wearing a suit. Two men in suits inquiring the whereabouts of a fugitive. A parkour sequence over the rooftops of a foreign land.

You would think that this was some sort of cop drama, no?

No, no no my friends.

This is actually an office drama that starts at its end and takes you through a flashback for the entire series.

Here, Jang Geu Rae was living his best life.

But in order to understand the magnitude of his confidence and how we got here, we have to delve through his pain…sift through office politics, abuses of power, human rights violations and ever-rampant misogyny. In the end, however – a strong message of hope.

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