Anime Witches in Japanese Culture     

In anime witches are often depicted as Magical Girls who wear cute outfits and own cats. Could the origins of their power be something more sinister?

Over the years, Magical Girls and witches have become a popular genre in anime. But…what if I told you that Magical Girls gained their powers based on principles of Buddhist and Shinto spiritual philosophies in Japanese Culture? 

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Nyanko-sensei, the Maneki-Neko Youkai

Kicking off the #YokaiSpiritSunday series on the official first day of fall, today we will take a look at Nyanko Sensei from Natsume’s Book of Friends!

Of late I’ve found myself writing a lot about yokai, or Japanese spirits. I have always had an interest in them, and read books pertaining to all types of ghosts and supernatural phenomena.

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