What Attack on Titan Left Behind

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Episode 7 (or 19) Review.

Check out last week’s Episode 18 Review here.

(Beware, show-only watchers, minor plot spoilers are below.)

Oh, this episode absolutely broke my heart.

It was a triumphant situation, but how they all got there was so bittersweet.

All of the lives lost in pursuit of reaching Grisha Yeager’s basement.

Commander Erwin Smith’s body lying in a bed of an unmarked home.

Armin freaking out over his new reality.

Sasha laying on the walls, half dead.

The bodies of the new recruits scattered just outside.

And yet, there is some semblance of hope on the horizon.

If there is anything to take from this episode, it is the important of knowledge; and its pursuit. Knowledge is the most important thing in this world. Occult, or clandestine teachings rule this realm. If you don’t know what you are fighting for, you have nothing to do but just dream. Your mind searches for a reason to the madness that surrounds.

In the end, Grisha was the savior of Paradis Island, although labeled a madman and terrorist in Marley. The photograph of Dina, Grisha and Zeke symbolizes hope and innovation, even if the union between those two leads to nothing but sadness.

In the previews however, we learn their story – through the proxy of Eren. I’m sure Grisha’s novel trilogy details intricacies of humanity’s fate, but it will be great to see the memories through his second born son’s eyes. 

I already know, but I still wonder just how deeply learning of his Aunt Faye will affect Eren.

Especially in the context of the manga’s latest chapter, where he lingers in the place of their birth…

The series only gets better from here, as we experience the wonders of the outside world through the characters we have been following for years. Arguably, the actual series does start once the crew reach the basement.

The somber credits were a nice touch as Hanji’s words mingle with Grisha’s. The little piano note and flicker in a young Grisha’s eyes as Faye wishes to watch the dirigible was an even nicer touch.

Ah damn it, this story is incredibly sad.

Poor Marco. Attack on Titan S3 Episode 19 credits.
Poor Marco. Attack on Titan S3 Episode 19 credits.

I also noticed in the end credits for the first time that Marco is watching Bertholdt and Reiner as they speak to Eren and Armin. Thinking about how clever he was, and his fate because of his knowledge is sad. Or re-seeing Eren failing to grasp the ODM gear with Shadis screaming the boy down. Only to learn that Shadis pulled a Severus Snape and that since he loved his mother Carla, sabotaged her son out of jealousy.

Or the big one that has yet to be revealed, concerning Dina Fritz and Carla Yeager in Shiganshina. Or the event that really triggered the power of the coordinate.

So many loose ends and half-truths being filled with three old dusty books.

It’s amazing, isn’t it?

I wonder how much truth is being hidden in our own world, as we idle imprisoned behind the invisible walls; looking toward the sky for better days.

If you could bring one cadet of the survey corps back, who would it be? And why?


Faye and Grisha Yeager, Attack on Titan s3 Episode 19.
Faye and Grisha Yeager, Attack on Titan s3 Episode 19.

Do you believe humanity is truly free?

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A New Colossal Titan Under Midnight Sun

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Episode 6 (or 18) Review.

Check out last week’s Episode 17 Review here.

(I mention minor plot spoilers from the manga in this review. Tread carefully, show-only watchers.)

There are theories that one’s life flashes before their eyes when near death. I wonder, if this was the case with Erwin. Before smacking the titan spinal fluid syringe away from his arm, he seemed to be thinking of simpler times.

Before he joined the survey corps. Before his father died. Before it all changed.

I like that they brought up that Erwin tuned into a monster in order to fight monsters. That’s how he survived, and the truth of the basement was the dream he held onto. Eren held onto his hatred, Levi – his devotion to his commander. Eren realizing that he lost sight of himself and forgot about seeing the ocean with Armin was touching, to say the least. It’s become a meme at this point, him recklessly pursing the death of every single titan on their earth.

Or, ours. 2,000 years in the past.

Zeke saying he will save Eren was another great moment, and I can’t wait until those two get more interaction. Last week while searching for Floch’s name, I came across spoilers from the latest manga chapter. It was a YouTube video where an artist colored the panels skillfully. The sheer amount of material the anime adaptation has to work with makes me excited about its future. Of course, Wit Studio is a little slow when it comes to doling out the anime, but I appreciate the care and quality the staff puts into its production.

Armin Arlert emerges a god. Attack on Titan s3 Episode 18.
Armin Arlert emerges a god. Attack on Titan s3, Episode 18.

I keep thinking about Armin’s transformation scene. When his friends remove him from the mindless titan body, he almost looks like a god. The divine lighting, the tears streaming on awe-stuck loved ones faces all juxtaposed with Erwin’s decaying body on a dingy, broken rooftop. Which by the way, did anyone else want to smack Floch? I was so annoyed when he gave his speech on why they should save the devil of the Survey Corps.

What gave him the right to even chime in? Yes, he was the lone survivor of the new cadets. Yes, he rightfully hates Erwin for ordering the troop suicide charge. But I mean, seriously – what gave him the right to tell Mikasa and Eren that their friend was worthless?

That’s what I love about good storytelling.

We, the viewers, know personally what the 104 training corps had to go through. We watched them struggle, get close to the traitors from Marley, and felt the pain of losing trusted comrades. Hell, I’m still upset the original Team Levi died because of Eren’s hesitation a while back. We have witnessed firsthand just how much humanity has lost, the greatest soldiers falling to their deaths through the Survey Corp branch like sand.

But Floch didn’t know any of that. All he knows is that on his (presumed) first mission outside the walls to retake Shiganshina District, everyone died. Soldiers who fully gave their heart for years. People like Moblit, who sacrificed himself to save Hange.

Floch just wants to see Erwin Smith suffer, and that is understandable. Eren and Mikasa want to save their friend who has saved the world countless times, and that is also understandable.

Neither of these people are wrong, and I absolutely love that.

Levi also seemed to feel guilty about saving Erwin initially, continually thinking about the conversation he eavesdropped on between the trio. I’m glad that they will all see the ocean together, even if everything goes to hell soon afterward.

So Paradis Island now has two titans, while Marley still has the bulk. I hope next week they show Historia’s reaction to the letter. I loved Christa and Ymir together, it’s a shame she had to die. I wish there was a way the titans could live forever, but I guess that would be unfair given the power they are able to wield their short time here on earth. Even if all they do is fight. What a shame.

Anyway, let’s wrap up this review here. Since I have the urge to talk about more things that the anime is nowhere near adapting yet.

The death of Erwin Smith, Attack on Titan s3 Episode 18.
The death of Erwin Smith, Attack on Titan s3, Episode 18.

Do you think they will expand on Erwin Smith and Levi Ackerman’s relationship next season? Why do gentle people like Bertholdt Hoover and Armin Arlert keep getting the Colossal Titan? Would you participate in a war against your own kind?

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