Wild Cards

An assortment of posts with no definitive theme between them

Weird But True Paranormal Stories

Taking a look back at some true paranormal phenomenon (and creepy people) I’ve had experiences with in the past for Halloween.

I had dental work done

Happy Halloween! Day 22 – Day 30. Talking about my recent dental work, ending the 31 Days of October challenge, and what will be on this website going forward into November.

About Halloween

A quick update on what is going on with In Asian Spaces as we near 2019.

Day 17, 18, & 19 – A Short Break

Just an update on my life and what I did during my 3 day break. Also talking about an upcoming convention that I will be attending.

Day 15: Rest

Day 15: Rest part III.

Day 14: Rest

Day 14: Rest part II

Day 7: Rest

Day 7: A Day of Rest.

Day 5: Arnold Goes to Hell

Day 5: Urban Legends: Haunted trains, phantom locomotives and the like. (Arnold and the Haunted Train)

Happy New Year!


A Quick Update

Just letting you all know what’s been going on with ‘dem reviews…

So, after the current anime season ends…

I’ve written this post once before. After re-reading what sounded like the ramblings of a mad woman who jumped from anime to the state of American society in a single paragraph, I trashed it. So, here’s what I intended to discuss in bullet format:


How do you tell someone about a ghost? The reincarnated soul would not even understand. You are left haunted by the lingering memories. Alone. Stifled.


“impossible to understand or interpret”

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