Upcoming Reviews for the Fall Anime Season 2019

The fall anime season doesn’t have as many heavy hitters as years past, but it still looks promising nonetheless!

Hey Everybody!

So I meant to do this three days ago when I was searching for shows to watch on AniChart. As I’ve mentioned before, I get distracted and lose track of time pretty easily sometimes.

Anywho, to recap:

I reviewed Cour 2 of Dororo and Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) in the Spring. If there is ever a Dororo OVA (like one during the time period Hyakkimaru and Dororo were away from one another Hint Hint MAPPA) I will definitely be reviewing it.

Likewise, I plan on reviewing the final season of Shingeki no Kyojin when it premieres in 2020 and currently follow the monthly manga release.

Blade of the Immortal, or Mugen no Juunin
Blade of the Immortal, or Mugen no Juunin

I’ve been on a samurai kick lately, so I most likely will be doing full weekly reviews of Mugen no Juunin, or Blade of the Immortal [無限の住人]. There is a manga, and I heard that it starts out slow but once it gets going it’s amazing. Totally sounds like my cup of tea, so I will be tuning in.

Hoshiai no Sora, the new tennis anime!
Hoshiai no Sora, the new tennis anime!

Hoshiai no Sora,or Stars Align [星合の空 ] actually looks really great as well. I like the softer, wispy dream-like animation style and the trailer music is super natsukashii. It reminds me of that feeling you get just before summer break in middle and high school. It’s not just nostalgia though, but something deeper I don’t have the correct words to articulate.

I wish we had a word for that feeling in English like the Japanese and Germans do for other specific situational emotions.

The ominous Babylon...
The ominous Babylon…

The Babylon [バビロン] anime trailer makes it seem like it could go either way. The show could be the amazing psychological crime thriller I’ve been missing (Hello, Zankyou no Terror – I miss you), or it could fall flat five episodes in. I may follow that one privately without reviewing in case the disappointment of what could have been sets in.

Kabukicho Sherlock should be an interesting one...
Kabukicho Sherlock should be an interesting one…

Kabukicho Sherlock [歌舞伎町シャーロック ] reminds me of Durarara and honestly that’s probably why I like it. The anime seems like it won’t take itself too seriously, but has underlying social commentary behind the jokes. May stay away from reviewing this one as well, as it’s doomed to somehow piss me off in one episode…I can already feel it in my bones.

Fragtime for your soft yuri fix
Fragtime for your soft yuri fix

(Also, Fragtime [フラグタイム] looks sweet and I stopped writing for a few minutes to read three chapters of the manga).

So, much late-night babble aside, I think I’m reviewing Mugen no Juunin and possibly at least doing a first episode review of the tennis anime.

Do you have any planned anime to watch this fall season? What looks good to you? What do you plan to pass on?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us by email in anticipation of the upcoming anime reviews!

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      1. It’s absolutely extraordinary, but it’s also extremely violent, disturbing, and twisted. So, I’d say it’s not for everyone. But I honestly think it’s one of the best manga serials ever made.

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