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Years ago, I spent countless hours watching YouTubers and reading blog posts about events I’d always wanted to attend. Advice, general knowledge, and even some insider tips learned from trial and error were shared with the audience.

When I finally ventured out to some of these events, I didn’t feel like a complete noob. I felt so grateful someone had left a trail for me.

I’d like to do that for someone else, using this platform that is continuing to grow. I want to show people just how many aspects of Japanese culture can be learned by watching anime.

Who is behind In Asian Spaces?

I am a film school graduate who has been passionate about Asian culture all my life, particularly Japan. I worked at a Japanese cultural center for a few seasons and studied the language over the years.

I meant for this to just be a simple blog where I placed writing samples for a portfolio, but it’s quickly evolving into something more. As such, I want to give more. I want to share what I’ve learned about Japanese culture – customs, traditions, unspoken social nuances – through watching anime and reading manga. I want to bring you all along to conventions, Matsuri, and other events.

Do not be afraid to put yourself in new spaces. Let’s explore what we can do together!

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