Relationships Bloom One Marvelous Spring Night

This is a review of the Korean romance drama One Spring Night found on Netflix. Another Kdrama with STRONG female leads!

I’ve been watching and consuming a lot of dark media, as of late. I don’t know what it is, but summer brings out the urge within to explore the creepy, or debased denizens of society.

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My Husband Won’t Fit Netflix Review

This is a review meant to start a discussion concerning the Netflix Jdrama My Husband Won’t Fit.

Every time it crosses my mind, I am confused by two fully grown, adult people’s chosen way of life. I mean, those in this world can live however they wish but cultural differences aside, it completely makes no sense to needlessly suffer.

Especially with the revelation that this may have been a biopic, my opinion on these events is further cemented – dramatized or not.

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The Eldians Who Came Before

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 Episode 8 (or 20) Review.

So, given the next two episode revelations concerning PATHS and the connection between all Eldians, I have to wonder just how hard Ymir Fritz is pulling the strings.

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The Birth of Hyakkimaru

Reviewing the FINAL Episode (24) of the Dororo 2019 anime!

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Let me start off by saying that I loved this episode, even if it could have been split into two. It wasn’t necessarily rushed, rather I felt like there was more story to tell. I’ve read that the actual manga series was left unfinished and open-ended, so I should be grateful at least for this decent ending.

The things fell in place as need be, but I have one gripe about the ending: Tahomaru.

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