Is The Violence Action A Good Japanese Film?

Kikuno Kei is a part-time assassin who dreams of becoming a bookkeeper. Will Kei live long enough to achieve her dream after leading a life of violence?

College student by day, assassin by night – Kikuno Kei has had a rough life. Will things get better once Kei accomplishes her dream of becoming a bookkeeper? 

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Is Seoul Vibe Worth Watching? 

Park Dong Wook lives his life a quarter mile at a time. He returns home for the 1988 Seoul Olympics and takes a driving job that might not be worth it.

Seoul Vibe is a fun South Korean Netflix film that takes place during the weeks leading up to the 1988 Olympics. Filled with fast cars, criminal activities, and 80s nostalgia – should this film be on your watch list? 

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Gun Devil – Chainsaw Man Ep 5 Review

The Public Safety Devil Extermination Special Division 4 hunts the Gun Devil. Makima offers Denji her body to motivate him for their upcoming mission.

Makima is once again manipulating Denji by promising her body in exchange for finding the Gun Devil – who may have a special connection to Aki’s backstory. 

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Power and Denji’s Weird Relationship – Chainsaw Man Ep 4 Review 

Denji rescues Power and Meowy from the Bat Devil and Leech Devil. As a reward Power lets Denji fondle her chest as a token of their weird new friendship.

I thought Aki and Denji had a tense relationship, but the weird developing friendship between Denji and Power might just take the cake. 

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Is Inside Job Worth Watching? 

A rouge AI meant to be the US President’s robotic double has gone wild? Just another day at Cognito Inc for Reagan Ridley in Netflix’s Inside Job.

Was the Moon Landing fake? Is Flat Earth real? Inside Job on Netflix explores these popular conspiracy theories – but is the adult-themed animated TV show worth watching? 

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Anime Witches in Japanese Culture     

In anime witches are often depicted as Magical Girls who wear cute outfits and own cats. Could the origins of their power be something more sinister?

Over the years, Magical Girls and witches have become a popular genre in anime. But…what if I told you that Magical Girls gained their powers based on principles of Buddhist and Shinto spiritual philosophies in Japanese Culture? 

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Over the Garden Wall Is A Masterpiece

Brothers Wirt and Greg visit the unknown where a Beast attempts to claim their lost souls. Are the woods they journey through symbolism for purgatory?

Over the Garden Wall is a deeply moving tale about two half-brothers’ journeys through “The Unknown” of purgatory after suffering a near-death experience. The Cartoon Network miniseries relies heavily on symbolism, mythology, and knowledge of classic fairytales to truly decern your own meaning by analyzing their journey.

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Power and Meowy – Chainsaw Man Ep 3 Review

Denji is tricked into rescuing Power’s cat Meowy from the Bat Devil. After the devil betrays Power, Denji decides to rescue his ungrateful fiend teammate.

If Power’s sad backstory about losing Meowy to the Bat Devil was supposed to make me care about her character, it failed.  

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Denji is Depressed – Chainsaw Man Ep 2 Review

Now freed from mafia control, Denji is indebted to Makima from Public Safety. Denji tries to cope with his depression by pretending Makima likes him.

Denji is so depressed that he has tricked himself into believing Makima is in love with him.

Watching this show is truly going to be a wild ride. 

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King Barou Dominates – Blue Lock Ep 3 Review

Isagi Yoichi realizes the hidden meaning behind Ego’s Soccer from Zero line as Team X rallies behind King Barou resulting in Team Z’s unprecedented defeat.

King Barou absolutely dominated the field in this episode using a strategy Team Z has yet to realize: fear. 

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