Mixed Media

Western Animated TV Shows

Day 5: Arnold Goes to Hell

Day 5: Urban Legends: Haunted trains, phantom locomotives and the like. (Arnold and the Haunted Train)


Weekly reviews, recap discussions, episode summaries, and theories surrounding the 2022 AMC Studios animated tv series Pantheon.

Over the Garden Wall Is A Masterpiece

Brothers Wirt and Greg visit the unknown where a Beast attempts to claim their lost souls. Are the woods they journey through symbolism for purgatory?

Netflix Animated Tv Series Reviews


Reviews, Discussion, and Theory surrounding Season 1 – 4 of the Netflix animated series Castlevania.

Is Inside Job Worth Watching? 

A rouge AI meant to be the US President’s robotic double has gone wild? Just another day at Cognito Inc for Reagan Ridley in Netflix’s Inside Job.

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Halloween Challenges


Not Sure About My Reaction to the Detective Pikachu Trailer

Is this the personification of Ruined Childhood? Growing up, I liked Pokemon as much as the next person. I have this vivid memory of trading cards with cousins at my grandma’s house. I accidentally traded a holographic vaporeon for a lesser pocket monster and immediately regretted it. My older male cousin would not trade back,…

Short Stories & Regular Blog Posts

Hopping Off Social Media (for now)

With countless and increasingly frequent algorithm updates, I have decided to take a short break from growing my social media accounts.

The Blue Period Arc

A slight explanation as to why I haven’t been uploading lately, and an introduction to a possible blue period arc on the website.

How Our Environment Influences Us

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Goodbye, Mr. Anthony Bourdain

I think it’s really something when one of your idols falls…How a complete stranger, can have such a curious impact on your actual being.

So, after the current anime season ends…

I’ve written this post once before. After re-reading what sounded like the ramblings of a mad woman who jumped from anime to the state of American society in a single paragraph, I trashed it. So, here’s what I intended to discuss in bullet format:

A Quick Update

Just letting you all know what’s been going on with ‘dem reviews…

Video Games

Wild Cards

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