Japanese Snacks and Drinks

Why Are Japanese Snacks So Good?  

Japanese snacks are tasty because they use healthy ingredients that rarely have artificial flavors.  

Using the principles of umami, both traditional and contemporary snacks meld salty and sweet or spicy and nutty together using flavor profiles unique to Japan like matcha (green tea), sweet red bean paste (anko), agar (red algae), wheat and (mochi) pounded rice flour. 

Best Place to Buy Japanese Snacks Online?  

You can buy Japanese snacks and sweets online through Amazon, but often they are severely overpriced and low quality. If you have a local Japanese community in your area, try seeing if the store offers online delivery options. 

Some of my favorite places to purchase Japanese Food and Snacks in person are:

Sunrise Mart located in NYC

Kinokuniya Bookstore‘s Cafe Zaiya (now Tomiz) located in NYC

Dainobu located in NYC

To purchase Japanese snacks and drinks online:

Dainobu offers shipping nationwide in the United States and Canada

Sunrise Mart offers shipping within the 5 boroughs of New York only

Mitsuwa located in New Jersey offers shipping via Instacart dependent on your location.

Best Japanese Snacks from Supermarkets, Festivals and Convenience Stores (Conbini)

Best Japanese Snacks from Conbini, Festivals, and Supermarkets Reviews

Best Japanese Snack Subscription Box?  

If you would like to order a Japanese Snack subscription box, there are many contenders on the market to choose from.

Currently, Bokksu and Tokyo Treat are the most popular.  

(This is not a comparison of the two services, but rather pointing out the strengths of both services based on my own personal experience.) 

Bokksu Japanese Snack Box Subscription

Bokksu offers a unique experience if you enjoy Japanese sweets and candy rarely found outside of Japan. 

Bokksu Subscription Snack Box

Sakuraco Japanese Snack Box Subscription

Sakuraco (under the Tokyo Treat banner) offers traditional Japanese sweets (called ‘wagashi’), along with snacks and teas that are 100% authentic and artisanal from local makers in Japan.  

Sakuraco is great if you are someone who enjoys acquired tastes such as mochi, matcha, anko bean paste, and seasonal vegetables like sweet potato, sakura flowers, and chestnut.  

Sakuraco Subscription Snack Box

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