Kushida’s Secret Past – Classroom of the Elite S2 Ep 8 Review

Kushida reveals her secret past to both Horikita and Ayanokoji while making a plan to expel both students due to their knowledge of her split personality.

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I’m sorry, I can’t help but laugh when I heard Kushida Kikyo’s middle school backstory. 

What Did Kushida Do in Middle School? 

In essence, Kushida basically destroyed her entire middle school class by telling their secrets.  

So, did Kushida literally destroy the classroom or are the ruined desks just for dramatic effect?
So, did Kushida literally destroy the classroom or are the ruined desks just for dramatic effect?

The trust between the class was broken, and that is why they were dysfunctional until graduation. Now with knowledge of the past, Kushida is still behaving the same way – but careful about where she vents her anger. 

I have to applaud her character, if nothing else Kushida is consistent.  

Awful, yes – but consistent. 

Is Kushida the Traitor?  

Kushida Kikyo is the traitor in Class D
Kushida Kikyo is the traitor in Class D

In her backstory, it is revealed that Kushida will do anything for praise, and recognition from her peers. Due to this personality trait, it makes perfect sense that Kushida is the traitor who helped Class C figure out the VIP during the Cruise Ship Special Test.  

Making a deal with Ryuen, Kushida betrayed Class D in exchange for Ryuen’s help in getting Horikita Suzune expelled from the Advanced Nurturing High School. 

Kushida’s act, or rather her mask of kindness, has only gotten stronger. Sure, I do agree that she is a monster created out of the need for recognition and admiration, but at least she learned from her mistakes – which shows me at least that she’s not completely unhinged. 

Unfortunately for Horikita though, I’m pretty sure Kushida is beyond reformation. 

Ayanokoji already knew that, as did most viewers anyway when we were first introduced to Kushida’s “other side”.  It’s going to be interesting to see how Horikita reacts now that she knows the full story. 

Why Does Kushida Hate Ayanokoji?  

Despite not liking Ayanokoji from the moment the two met, Kushida does have valid reasons for also wanting him expelled.  

Along with Suzune, both she and Ayanokoji have discovered Kushida’s true personality – and can see through the two-faced act she puts on in front of others. It seems like Kushida will stop at nothing until those two are eliminated, or until she finds a new target to distract herself with… 

Although, I don’t quite agree with Horikita’s ‘bet’ with Kushida, or getting her older brother Manabe involved. Every time Horikita is doing well, something happens that sets her back. I doubt her brother cares either way if she gets expelled, and Kushida can always try something sneaky to get both Horikita and Ayanokoji expelled even if the bet outcome isn’t favorable to her.  

Either way, I think I’m going to wrap it up here. But tell me your thoughts. 

Wow, it's amazing just how disinterested Ayanokoji is in Sato
Wow, it’s amazing just how disinterested Ayanokoji is in Sato

Should Horikita have made a bet with Kushida? 

Was Ayanokoji right to not get involved with the study groups? 

And… what do you think about Kushida’s past? 

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