Japanese Culture

Why is Japan and Japanese Culture So Popular Today?  

From beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites detailing the pristine architectural history of the past to a fusion of traditional culture mixed with pop culture’s modernity – Japan has massive appeal around the world.  

Through Japanese films and television shows, Netflix documentary series, enjoying traditional foods, and studying the country’s history, we can glean social customs, centuries-old traditions, and folklore often hidden by the mass appeal of anime, manga, and video games. 


The Importance of Chopsticks

If you’ve had any interest in Japanese culture via exported anime Americanized into your favorite childhood memories or by other means, you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘Gaijin Smash’ in some context. So, for reference, let’s talk about this phenomenon. 

Understanding Japanese Paying Etiquette

During my time working at a Japanese Cultural Center, I frequented any and all Japanese grocers nearby. It was the “Japanese” part of town and fresh, authentic places were readily available.

When Will Japan Be Open For Travel?

With increasingly brutal restrictions on foreign expats living in Japan now lifted, just how long will an entry ban last on those wishing to visit Japan for tourism?




Japanese Snacks and Drinks

Story Time

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