Anime Conventions

Are Anime Conventions Worth It? 

Anime conventions are a great way to meet others in your fandom or online communities safely in real life, find exclusive merch often difficult to procure outside of Japan, and foster your creative sewing skills by cosplaying. Conventions bring about a sense of safety for those who attend and don’t often get a chance to indulge on their nerdy hobbies with like-minded individuals. 

Anime Cons have something for everyone: whether it be cosplay, Asian snacks, JRPG or tabletop card games, traditional comic books, doujinshi, fanzines, manga, Japanese anime shows, vtuber shenanigans, or even visiting Artist Alley – it would be worth your time to attend a local con one weekend to have some fun! 

Anime Conventions I’ve Attended 

Anime NYC

Anime NYC is a fun anime convention celebrating Japanese pop culture and media in the heart of New York City each fall.

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Comic Conventions I’ve Attended 

New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con is the largest celebration of pop culture on the East Coast in America. From exclusive comic books to meaningful celebrity appearances – you can experience a magical nerdy weekend in the heart of NYC.

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