Krusty in China – Log Horizon Entaku Houkai Episode 6 Review

This is a review for Episode 6 of Log Horizon Season 3: Destruction of the Round Table.

Check out last week’s episode review here.

And just when it was starting to get good, the characters decide to take a toilet break. 

I can’t even be mad though; I really enjoy this show.  

Even if it was a much slower pace until halfway through the episode. 

Before the whole Krusty and Elias fight, I was actually more interested in the game’s flavor text and real world lore. 

For one, they drew the Avatar Mountains from the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China.  

Krusty atop the Avatar Mountains in China. Log Horizon Season 3
Krusty atop the Avatar Mountains in China. Log Horizon Season 3

If you’re a fellow Avatar: The Last Airbender fan, you’ll notice that this is where Firelord Ozai and Aang squared off in the series finale. 

Another really cool thing was reference to the Legend of the Eight Immortals.   

They were (or are) a group of seven men and one woman from Chinese legend that attained immortality through various alchemical exploits.  

The shady-looking concubine Youren masquerading as a genius even directly references giving Krusty the “elixir of life”. Which…is what causes immortality. 

It seems the secret somehow lied in going into the forest. 

You’ll have to forgive me for talking about this more than the actual episode so far. I’ve been doing research and studying the Immortals for the past few months now in anticipation for a good amount of Anime Anthology entries. 

(I might even tag this with AA so I remember to revisit this later. Early Chinese civilization has been an unexpectedly interesting topic to me.) 

Anywho, back to the episode review – 

Is Elias an idiot?  

I don’t understand how he could blindly believe the obviously shady puppeteer genius Youren, but then again maybe it’s the way his character was programmed. As a legendary hero and a ‘knight’ of honor, it would be ill of him to dismiss a lady’s words. 

Or at least, that’s how I imagine he interpreted it. 

Similar to how he couldn’t enter the dungeon with the rest of the Adventurers because he’s too OP. 

Also, it appears that Krusty doesn’t quite care about what happens to himself in-game and his body in the real world. 

He may have sacrificed a few memories for temporary power – I wonder if he’s really happy. Krusty did have trouble remembering Rayneshia and Misa. 

Speaking of having trouble remembering characters, I completely forgot who Kanami was.  

Kanami…the Leader of the fabled Debauchery Tea Party. 

Either way, I hope her and her adventurer squad somehow meet up with Krusty in that cave. 

…To cancel the ‘Cooking with Krusty’ stint in China. 

Save him from the dull time he’d be having otherwise… 

But, tell me your thoughts. 

I think Krusty is growing on me. Log Horizon Season 3 Episode 6
I think Krusty is growing on me. Log Horizon Season 3 Episode 6

Do you like the pacing of Log Horizon Season 3? Since it seems like we’re almost halfway done with the season and Krusty just got re-introduced. 


Are you familiar with the Legend of the 8 Immortals in Chinese mythology? 

(Just two questions this week. Not enough happened to warrant a third, honestly… ☹) 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Log Horizon Season 3 Reviews! 

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