In a Wholesome Delinquent Way – Tokyo Revengers Ep 6-7 Review

This is a review and discussion for Episodes six and seven of the Tokyo卍Revengers anime.

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Can we just throw Pah-chin all the way away? 

I mean seriously, where does he get off repeatedly kicking and punching Takemitchy in the first place? It’s not like he’s the one who beat up his best buddy, raped his girl, and tortured her parents.  

Or his parents. I forget, but someone got tortured. 

Besides, who brings a knife to a fist fight? 

I feel like this is the same situation with Akkun vs Kiyomizu.  

Only, Akkun got stopped before he went to juvie. Pah-chin continued for…whatever reason. 

Was it honor? Or in orchestration to break up Toman? 

Who knows until next episode. 

Nice to see that Takemitchy is still friends with the peanut gallery, though. I was worried they had distanced themselves, since we haven’t seen much of them these past episodes. 

The Peanut Gallery. Tokyo Revengers Ep 7
The Peanut Gallery. Tokyo Revengers Ep 7

Draken and Mikey fighting is really annoying, though. 

It’s in character for both of them (given their morals and upbringings) but I still feel like this could be squashed. I mean, they fight all the time, right?  

How come this one couldn’t be squashed? 

Like…is this really over freaking Pah-chin? The supposed tank who got knocked out cold by a high school boxer? 

Sorry I keep going on about Pah-chin, but anybody else who has watched Mikey and Draken interact would know how to push their buttons. But…they don’t show that side to everyone. 

It has to be someone who has been watching them from afar, or somebody close to them in their camp doing this. 

Since Kisaki is still MIA in this timeline, I can’t really blame this one on him. Yet. 

Wondering how this is going to go, considering I don’t know how Takemitchy is going to prevent the outcome of this one. 

Also, the misunderstandings of Emma and Takemitchy’s relationship are kind of hilarious, in a delinquent wholesome way. 

Same as Draken’s backstory. 

He’s a total delinquent, but it was…kinda wholesome.  

In a delinquent wholesome way…Haha.  

Welp, let me end this one here. 

You know, that's a really nice puzzle. I brought a bunch at the start of...whatever is still going on right now. They're right here beside my feet under my computer desk. I should start one again soon... Tokyo Revengers Ep 7
You know, that’s a really nice puzzle. I brought a bunch at the start of…whatever is still going on right now. They’re right here beside my feet under my computer desk. I should start one again soon… Tokyo Revengers Ep 7

Is Hinata overacting to the odd situations Takemitchy finds himself in with Emma? 

What do you think happened to Osanai in the 12 years since the biker gang incident? 

Does Draken really die next episode? 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Tokyo卍Revengers reviews and discussion during the spring anime season! 

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