The Eternity of Time – Our Beloved Summer Ep 7 & 8 Review

As Choi Woong and Yeon Su are locked away, a perfect storm brings them back together. This is a review for Episode 7 & 8 of Our Beloved Summer on Netflix.

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Episode 7 

Okay I take back what I said again – NJ is growing on me. 

If anything, this episode brought to light her actual character. Then through further talks with Choi Woong, we learn that NJ is highly sensitive, introverted, and seemingly insecure.  

A stark difference from her fairly aloof ‘pop star’ idol persona. 

I don’t know why, but the scene of the little kids coming back after NJ told them not to kind of made me sad. It also made me think that Choi Woong and NJ definitely won’t get together (or at least stay together) given that she is not as great at manipulating as she thought.  

NJ already said that she has a puppy, but maybe on top of that she needs to find a hobby? Or at least something other than buying property to piss people off, and borderline-stalking Choi Woong at the drop of a dime.  

The confession was nice, though. 

I liked how we got the opposing natures of both Choi Woong and Yeon Su, so to speak. And their thoughts on “surrender”. 

According to Choi Woong, running away is absolutely alright – as it gives those pursuing him a chance to think about their actions. 

Yeon Su views running away as “weak” and “cowardly” …. although she still decides to run away after this admission, as well.  

I really do wonder about this former couple’s communication skills when we witness conversational differences like this.  

They have completely different interpretations of actions, as Choi Woong is confrontation adverse, and Yeon Su (judging by the number of times she broke up with CW without even letting him know why) seems quite confrontational in an indirect way?  

Yeon Su visits Choi Woong's parents' restaurant. From Our Beloved Summer Ep 7
Yeon Su visits Choi Woong’s parents’ restaurant. From Our Beloved Summer Ep 7

Like Yeon Su is not quite passive-aggressive, but she’s not outwardly aggressive either. She inhabits this weird space in-between concerning her actions. 

But then we got Choi Woong’s dialogue about him experiencing a blast from the past interacting with Yeon Su at his parents’ shop. He spoke about how he could never ask or question why Yeon Su did the things she did, and felt stupid waiting for her to eventually explain, which never happened.  

Even in the restaurant, the same phenomenon occurred. 

In continuation from the night before, Choi Woong wanted to have a basic “I just ran into my ex and want to exchange polite banter to see how they’re doing and gauge if they still have feelings for me” sort of conversation and Yeon Su refused to let it happen. 

When she did, it was a very cold and curt response.  

Then, Yeon Su up and left. 

I don’t know. Their actions are very interesting to me. 

Is NJ actually the answer to all of this drama's problems? She just might be ((I'm more than a secret NJ fan at this point, haha ☺)) - Our Beloved Summer Ep 7
Is NJ actually the answer to all of this drama’s problems? She just might be ((I’m more than a secret NJ fan at this point, haha ☺)) – Our Beloved Summer Ep 7

It’s been five years since the breakup, but Yeon Su and Choi Woong still behave in the same manner as before. 

Both still went to the library to “hide” from one another, and Choi Woong still said “Hi” in an awkward attempt to break the lingering tension. In the flashback, Yeon Su asked to go get food while in the present Choi Woong asked instead. 

There were a few other parallels, but I think I’ll leave this one here. 

What are your thoughts on NJ’s character development, and her decision to sue “fans” who speak badly about her online? 

Do you think Yeon Su and Choi Woong will get back together? 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section down below, and without further ado – on to the next episode! 

Episode 8 

This was the slowest episode of the season yet – but definitely the most beautiful. ☺ 

But man, seriously was it slow.  

I almost wasn’t sure what to talk about here, so I guess I’ll just stick to the basics. As I’m pretty sure next week will be when all of the real fireworks happen. 

So it’s been a few days since I watched the episode, but I vaguely remember Choi Woong talking about some sort of scientific term for events repeating throughout time. I have to wonder that if Choi Woong and Yeon Su were not taken to the mountains and forced to spend time together – would they still be seemingly distant? 

I mean, the events that happened on their original final day of filming repeated in a way that was almost too perfect. 

The cameraman (or lady in this case) runs out of batteries, and the two are left alone in the rain. I only wonder if Chae Ran left the camera going, as did her predecessor on that fateful day. 

It’s almost a shame that her plan of letting the intern watch Ji Woong in lieu of packing extra batteries, backfired.  Especially after Chae Ran, who has an obvious crush on Ji Woong, realized that he has an obvious crush on Yeon Su.  

I don’t even think her reluctance to leave the two together is out of jealousy, though.  

The outside writer who was brought in to help the documentary team pointed out that Ji Woong does not seem to be giving this project his all, and is reluctant to film the participants.  

The excuse that both parties are his friends is plausible, but what is not – is getting in the shots yourself to hang out with Yeon Su, and allowing one of the townspeople to call her your girlfriend. Honestly, I am just eagerly awaiting the moment when Choi Woong blows up at Ji Woong for getting in their business. 

Eagerly awaiting, haha! 😚 

The writer might actually be my hero for seeing through Ji Woong's BS so quickly. Our Beloved Summer kdrama Ep 7
The writer might actually be my hero for seeing through Ji Woong’s BS so quickly. Our Beloved Summer kdrama Ep 7

Oh man, what else happened.  

Oh – I really hope Choi Woong’s manager and Yeon Su’s friend don’t get together. 

Sol Yi actually grew on me, but I still fail to care about Eun Ho. I think it might just actually be that I don’t care for people with his personality in real life.  

I mean he is always at Choi Woong’s studio/house, eats all of his food, sleeps on his couch – honestly when I first started watching this both my mother and I thought he wasn’t a manager but an older brother based on the frequency that he was always around. 

But all in all, very enjoyable episode! 

Sol Yi and Eun Ho volunteer to be the documentary's main subjects ☺ Our Beloved Summer Ep 8
Sol Yi and Eun Ho volunteer to be the documentary’s main subjects ☺ Our Beloved Summer Ep 8

I may be missing a few things because I watched the episode on time and just now got around to writing about it, but I think it’ll be okay. 

Tell me your thoughts! 

Do you think Choi Woong is going to blow up at Ji Woong for wanting the one thing he never should want from Choi Woong – which is his (ex) girlfriend, Yeon Su? 

Will Chae Ran keep Ji Woong’s conflict of interest to herself, or share it with their superior? 

And… Do you believe that Eun Ho is competent as a manager? 

Eun Ho trashes Choi Woong's house while partying with Sol Yi and then falls asleep. Our Beloved Summer Netflix Kdrama
Eun Ho trashes Choi Woong’s house while partying with Sol Yi and then falls asleep. Our Beloved Summer Netflix Kdrama

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more weekly Our Beloved Summer kdrama recaps and discussion!    

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