Romance and Jujube Tea – Our Beloved Summer Ep 11 & 12 Review 

Yeon Su and Choi Woong rekindle their relationship – leaving Ji Woong and NJ feeling dejected. This is a review for Episode 11 & 12 of Our Beloved Summer on Netflix.

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Going along with the same thought process I had last week, I still don’t quite think Yeon Su and Choi Woong getting back together is a good thing. 

Episode 11 

Of course, if that’s what they both want, I’m all for it.  

But if we started the episode with Choi Woong reminiscing about Jjongjjong the dog being afraid to go outside after being abandoned on the street as a puppy, to then showing the flashback of Choi Woong wanting to study abroad with Yeon Su, only for her to break up with him on the street, to seeing the root of Choi Woong’s emotional issues being that he was abandoned by his father on the street one night…why on earth would I want these two people back together? 

I know I never wrote about it, but I was actually wondering if Choi Woong was adopted.  

I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure young CW was wearing the ‘Jelly’ suspenders on his first day of school when he met Ji Woong in a flashback. 

This would also explain why his parents named their restaurant “With Woong” to let him know that they will always be there for him – which is sweet. 

As for Yeon Su…I don’t get what her game is. 

I understand that she truly does care about Choi Woong, and due to her upbringing has a hard time expressing her feelings…but it seemed like she only wanted CW when NJ started coming around.  

From seeing her on billboards around town, to the bus stop, and then deciding to buy jujubes to make Choi Woong tea while wondering “why am I doing this?” like…I don’t know, it was just kind of annoying to me. 

If Yeon Su would just be honest and upfront with her feelings, I would be fine with them getting back together. But…Yeon Su hasn’t changed.  

And…Choi Woong keeps saying that he can’t get hurt again…it just doesn’t look like a good stew brewing here, to put it lightly. (I know that was a weird analogy but let’s go with it haha ☺) 

Besides, Jjongjjong relieved his phobia over time, and was healed by being loved and accepted.  

Choi Woong has been loved and accepted, but still hasn’t healed five years later. 

So…why would a relationship with Yeon Su be different now when she is still exactly the same person? 

Episode 12 

Ah…so I think I finally figured out what was bothering me about this episode: their relationship feels forced. 

From CW’s parents last episode saying Yeon Su is the perfect girl for him, when Yeon Su refused to acknowledge that she hurt their son at the gallery and didn’t even stay to eat at the restaurant that day, to Sol Yi saying that Yeon Su changed simply because she called Choi Wong first and then called her just to prattle on…it’s contrived. 

Why would all of the characters suddenly do a 180? 

Just two episodes ago Sol Yi was saying that Choi Woong changed, and that he wasn’t Yeon Su’s boyfriend anymore.  

Yeon Su recognized that Choi Woong changed, and wasn’t sure what type of person he was. 

Choi Woong acknowledged that Yeon Su hadn’t changed at all, and stayed the same. 

Last episode even (see above) when they were at the restaurant eating soup, Yeon Su said she would talk, only to say (paraphrasing) “yeah I’ve been thinking, and I don’t think I can be friends with you” only for Choi Woong to start pouring his heart out.  

While…Yeon Su kind of just kissed him, patted him on the back, laid on the dirty street with him, and then went back to his house to eventually have fun on the couch. 

I mean…are we ever going to get any more depth to Yeon Su? Or is this it? 

Are we going to get any hints on why Ji Woong’s mother is awful, or are they going to dance around it for 2-3 more episodes and in the finale reveal some unknown childhood trauma he overcomes by talking to Chae Ran? 

Is Yeon Su’s grandma so mean because she is poor? 

Is this series really going to end with what broke them up in the first place – Choi Woong wishing to study abroad and asking Yeon Su to go with him? 

While I don’t think it’ll be a repeat of that breakup, wasn’t CW giving Yeon Su corndogs the same as their (final) bootleg Disneyland date?  

Like I feel like they are repeating the same things, and everyone in their life is supportive all of a sudden after being strongly opposed to them being back together. 

I know that in real life, you can’t really express your dislike for who someone close to you is dating, but I mean NO ONE had any off-handed remarks to make? 

I don’t know. 

I just feel like the tone shifted so suddenly, and I’m not sure if I enjoyed watching Choi Woong follow Yeon Su around all day like a puppy.  

I get the analogy for displaying to the audience that CW was stuck in his life – but I’m not sure I like him being Yeon Su’s literal lapdog. 

But…tell me your thoughts. 

Did you enjoy episode 12? 

Why do you think Choi Woong’s family is suddenly okay with him getting back with the girl who destroyed him five years ago? 

Is NJ’s character being underutilized? 

(And why is Mr. Jang gone forever?) 

I don’t want to end this on a negative note, so here’s a cool post from someone on MDL who has been cataloguing all of the literature and film references in Our Beloved Summer, along with other easter eggs. 

Choi Woong's parents look out on a crisp autumn day and reminisce about their lives together. Our Beloved Summer Ep 11
Choi Woong’s parents look out on a crisp autumn day and reminisce about their lives together. Our Beloved Summer Ep 11

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