Queenmaker is a Fantastic Political Kdrama!

Eunsung Group’s corporate fixer Hwang Do Hee leaves her morally gray life behind after meeting Oh Kyung Sook. Can she turn Kyung Sook into Seoul’s new mayor?

This is one of those rare times when I want to gush about a great Kdrama like Queenmaker, but I hesitate to go in-depth because I truly believe that you should watch and experience this story for yourself.

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Was It Worth It?- Trolley Ep 16 Kdrama Recap

Hye Ju’s decision to turn in Joong Do creates a ripple effect for those in her life. In the aftermath, the remaining characters heal from their losses.

I am glad that Hye Ju pursued her own personal justice instead of leaving everybody’s fate to the notion of a “greater good” that would magically fix everything in their personal lives without effort from themselves.

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The True Dilemma – Trolley Ep 15 Kdrama Recap

Yeo Jin tells Hye Ju the details of her assault five years ago, filling in the blanks concerning Ji Hoon’s death. Soo Bin attempts to bring down Joong Do.

It’s great that Hye Ju is now questioning if acts committed for “the greater good” are truly sincere if others close to her are irrevocably damaged.

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Lying Won’t Help – Trolley Ep 8 Kdrama Recap

The nature of Soo Bin and Joong Do’s mysterious relationship is revealed. Hye Ju’s misplaced guilt causes unexpected consequences for Assemblyman Nam.

We finally learn why Soo Bin and Joong Do have been so hostile toward one another! Also, Hye Ju is causing tons of problems with her sanctimonious behavior.

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Was That Justice? – Trolley Ep 5 Kdrama Recap

Kim Hye Ju’s past relationship with Seung Ho and why she left Youngsan are revealed. Soo Bin causes trouble around town looking for her lost lip balm.

I wasn’t sure why Kim Hye Ju was acting like a scared child when being confronted and outright bullied by Jin Seung Hee.

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Bury the Past – Trolley Ep 4 Kdrama Recap

Kim Hye Ju’s past comes back to haunt her due to a television appearance during Ji Hoon’s funeral. Assemblyman Nam decides to fully pursue his political career.

I’m a little late getting to my review of Trolley Episode 4, but this episode definitely did not disappoint! Kim Hye Ju’s past is coming back to haunt her, and it seems there may be more to Soo Bin and Assemblyman Nam’s relationship than we originally thought!

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She Knows Something  – Trolley Episode 3 Kdrama Recap 

Hye Joo and Joong Do met and bonded while doing social work and running away from their past. A fateful encounter threatens to expose Soo Bin’s secret.

You know, I’m actually surprised at just how much emphasis is being placed on Hye Joo being the weak link that ruins the marriage and breaks her husband’s political career. 

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The Mysterious Wife – Trolley Episode 1 – 2 Kdrama Recap 

Assemblyman Nam Joong Do has led a very quiet life alongside his secretive wife Hye Ju. Will the unexpected death of his son Ji Hoon threaten their peace?

Trolley is off to a great start and appears to be another Netflix kdrama brimming with potential! 

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Gift Ideas for Kdrama and Kpop Fans

It doesn’t have to be difficult to find a gift for fans of South Korean Pop Culture! Here are a few gift ideas for Kdrama and Kpop fans and lovers.

Need gift ideas for the Kpop and Kdrama fans in your life?  

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Is Seoul Vibe Worth Watching? 

Park Dong Wook lives his life a quarter mile at a time. He returns home for the 1988 Seoul Olympics and takes a driving job that might not be worth it.

Seoul Vibe is a fun South Korean Netflix film that takes place during the weeks leading up to the 1988 Olympics. Filled with fast cars, criminal activities, and 80s nostalgia – should this film be on your watch list? 

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