Piecing Detective Pikachu’s Plot Together Through Trailers

Is Detective Pikachu one of Harry Goodman’s experiments?

So…it has been quite a while since you all heard from me.

I am not one who actively follows the whole astrology craze or prescribes to it in their daily life. Yes, I know my astrological sign and occasionally will read a horoscope or two if it’s in front of me – but that is the extent. However, whatever has been going on this entire month of February has knocked me for a loop. I don’t know what was in retrograde or fully understand what ‘pieces season’ is despite googling it, but I do know that I am feeling better now today. So, let’s get to writing!

Two nights ago I went online for the first time in a while and realized the Detective Pikachu Trailer 2 had dropped. I wanted to watch, but literally fell sick so decided to go to bed.

Last night, I found out it was Pokemon Day but still hadn’t watched the trailer. Today it’s bright, early, and I would like to hear Ryan Reynolds’ Pikachu say hell.

And…this trailer did not disappoint.

Harry Goodman’s Ryme City Office Location

We get the backstory on Detective Pikachu and find out that his trainer is a man named Harry Goodman. Det. Pika seemingly woke up in the middle of nowhere with no knowledge of what happened prior. With no other leads, he returns to Ryme City, following the address written in his hat.

Now here’s the twist: Harry Goodman is Tim Goodman’s father, the kid we see in the trailers. I never went this deep in my first write-up concerning the film (because, life-like Pokémon), but now we have much more information to work with.

So in essence, Tim is looking for his missing father, and Det. Pika is looking for his trainer. They are both looking for the same person! Applause for Wikipedia coming through with some basic production information and names to put two and two together! I also cross-checked this information with other outlets such as IMDb to make sure it wasn’t a troll.

Wikipedia Entry for Detective Pikachu Cast

Also, forgive me if this is now common knowledge. I just got really excited that I found some interesting stuff in the trailer.

Jumping back to the first trailer we see Tim speaking to Detective Yoshida about his failed dreams and living in the shadow of his ace dad. He then goes home to lament and stare longingly at a Sinnoh Championship XXIV poster hanging above his bed.

Photo of Ms. Goodman and Tournament Posters

Interestingly enough, there is a photo of Ms. Goodman on his dresser, along with (presumed) past championship posters on his wall that Tim either never entered, or lost. A giant Rayquaza is snaking along these relics of the past – could this be a hint at a Pokémon he once trained?

Pikachu Ears Headboard

Then there is the issue of Pikachu ears serving as a headboard on Tim’s bed. Did his father gift these to his young son who dreamed of being a trainer? If so, why did Tim not know about Det. Pika? Did his father have some sort of secret job at a laboratory, hence the Mewtwo reference in the second trailer?

Harry Goodman’s Car Struck by a Hyper Beam Attack?

Because that car was definitely hit with some sort of hyper beam attack from the air.

Goodman After Bridge Attack

We are shown a laboratory explosion, Flareon doing…whatever Flareon was doing in that scene flanked by statues of Legendary Pokémon Palkia and Diagla, and Mewtwo’s hands grasping the outside of his containment pod.

Lab Explosion

Pikachu even mentions in voice over that maybe “Harry might have gotten in too deep” while we are shown the spy “punk” girl during that sequence.

The Super Secret Laboratory with a White Dome in a Desert

Or maybe his dad worked for an agency and went undercover to infiltrate Team Rocket and had to fake his own death in order to get Giovanni off his trail?

There are A TON of possibilities here.

We also know Tim’s in his early twenties due to a birthday card that contained the Ryme City ticket. It starts out saying “Dear Tim” and we cannot decipher who sent it…but we can guess it was one of his parents.

Tim Goodman’s 21st Birthday Card
A Really Expensive Ryme City Rail Ticket

Aside from paying an absurd $400 bucks for the ticket, the ending destination is Ryme City…so Tim’s childhood home is in LeavenTown.

Which means Tim must use this train ticket to travel to the City and search for clues when he runs into Det. Pika after his arduous journey back to the urban oasis.

Tim Riding the City Rail and Being Accosted by an Uncomfortably Fleshy Lickitung?

Upon the pair’s initial meeting, Pikachu mentions he’s been “so lonely” suggesting he once had a companion to speak with…again most likely Tim’s enigma father.

What ifHarry Goodman created the Detective Pikachu we see today? Pikachu was an experiment from the lab and Tim had never met him because his father wanted to keep it a secret? Maybe Dodgy Harry did something concerning his DNA and his son can also speak to the creature because they are of the same bloodline?

The Charzard battle we see could be a tournament the pair agreed to enter while trying to flush out leads on the whereabouts of DH.

Mr. Mime is most likely also one of the duos leads.

Angry Aipom seems to be hanging out in the same setting as the office.

And Mewtwo dramatically crashes a parade.

I also screenshotted a few funny memes to insert before writing this post, as I didn’t expect it to turn into a full trailer reaction and breakdown.

This movie is shaping up to be a real experience, and I am excited for the early release date of May 10th, 2019.

Is Harry Goodman based on Pokémon Researcher Bill? Why are the Greninja in the trailer so hostile? What is Mewtwo’s ultimate goal?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Pokémon news and updates!

For the MEMEs.

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Diversity Starts From The Top

This is something I wrote that I intended to add onto The Dragon Prince review, but it no longer fit so I’ll post it here on its own.

While it’s no secret that high fantasy and Sci-Fi are entrenched in the densest forms of whiteness, this has always confused me.

In my own personal outlook, fantasy to me is an interpretation of the past (in various distances), while Sci-Fi is an outlook towards the future.

And all some people can see is…the same tired structures of whiteness?

This is severely off topic, but it’s a memory that surfaced while writing so I’d like to talk about it. In college, there was this real SOB of a professor that literally everyone in the course disliked. A few even decided to wisely transfer out within the first week of the class and switch to another. I didn’t, opting to sit towards the back and not say much.

He had a few supporters, but all of that changed quickly when we had a particular assignment. In groups, we had to pitch a film and try to sell it. Since I decided to get my producing minor credits out of the way all in one go, almost every course I was enrolled in that semester was doing the same – so it was boring to say the least at this point. The only male in the group was coincidentally already working on a project, so we just pitched that and raked in an easy A.

After that segment was over, the professor allowed us to ask any questions we had. I don’t remember the question a fellow classmate asked, but I do remember our instructor’s response.

Pertaining to independent film he advised the students not to bother making “black films or anything ethnic, as they don’t do well overseas.” Needless to say, he didn’t catch the atmosphere in the room change – and continued drooling the purest forms of ignorance out of his mouth.

Continuing that “those films” rarely make money and are simply a waste of time, and it was better to stick to “tried and true methods” aka – white films with all white casts.

He’d left early that day after lecture, and I remember everyone just hung around looking at each other and spoke in hushed voices. It was too late to switch out now so nothing could really be done. There was no point in reporting him – he used to be one of Hollywood’s top producers.

I’m sure if you heard projects he worked on you’d recognize the multi-million dollar box office hits. So for the most part, everyone kept their mouth shut about it and just had a general disdain. There were some who really enjoyed his ideologies and kissed up for industry connections – the male who was in my group being one. Last I heard, they had made the film and things are going well for him.

Needless to say, I believe this is why Hollywood and the movie theatre industry are dying as a whole. They refuse to adapt and release their toxic ideologies of racism, imperialism, and general tyranny. Instead of fighting against tides that you cannot swim in, many have opted to go the indie route – myself included.

If you can envision a story that needs to be told, who better than you to create it? It is the harder route but more rewarding in the long run. You’re not begging powerful individuals for funding in exchange for producing credits, then, in turn, having the audacity to be surprised when they think they own your film and can dictate every minuscule and minute detail to fit their narrative or agenda.

Its things like this that lead to a piss poor portrayal of cultural diversity in the media and its further outlets.

This sort of mindset however seems to thrive anywhere there is power. This extends to any given industry that has gone mainstream, anime included. One last story before I finish up this article.

I was working an event, and the crème de la crème of the American – Japanese publishing industry were in attendance. I noticed for a while that when it comes to Japanese culture, anime, etc. – it is very hard to be “let in” to these circles.

And once you’re in, it’s just one big circle jerk to please the next person due to the personalities this line of work tends to attract.

Anyway, I had always wondered why it was the same people at the same exact events and the same exact companies. Japanese business model of 過労死 (karoshi, or working until you die) aside, from my observations people really did not leave their positions unless they were promoted or well…died.

There was a networking hour, and as soon as I was off the clock I decided to speak to the only person in the group who was not outwardly nasty to me earlier.

I’ve encountered a lot of unpleasant people who have treated me unfairly unprovoked. I’ve never known if it was due to my skin color or feelings of inferiority. Judging by the amount I’ve been talked down to, I tend to favor the latter – but that could be my own arrogance talking.

Which don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret any of the experiences I’ve had. More often than not I’ve met very kind people who I never dreamed I would. The common pattern I speak of always came from the subordinates or those insecure about their positions or station in life.

[Which btw, if you want to know how to deal with these types of people there are two options: be nice and play coy, or act as pretentious as possible. In other words, talk down to them back, act disinterested in anything they have to say and bring in your well-developed poker face. They will be caught off guard most of the time and wonder why you are not recognizing their self-importance and suddenly – you become the most interesting thing in the world. This always works well on the haughty wealthy folk, overbearing celebrities, politicians or any situation where ego is involved. It’s just a little something I picked up going to school with rich kids and finding myself in…foreign spaces lol.]

Anyway, I chatted him up (he happened to work for my favorite publisher at the time) and decided to casually ask if they were hiring. I was working at one cultural hub so to speak, and it would be poor taste to just jump ship for another one so it was mainly out of curiosity.

Japanese office ladies and salary men are some of the fiercest gossipers I’ve ever met and I say this with as much kindness as possible. If I left for another company like that (provided they even let me in) the reputation of ‘disloyalty’ would no doubt follow me.

After asking, he laughed in my face and said that they did not hire. Provided he was tipsy on libations I didn’t take the laugh as something malicious.

Writing this, I also realize just how desensitized I’ve become regarding my interpersonal reactions.

I then pushed my luck even further, inquiring why his company head had given this grand speech about “following your dreams” and that with enough practice and studying of Japanese language and culture, you could be where he was? Why did he get all of those teenagers and young adults – some decked out wearing anime merchandise like licensed T-shirts and official gear from said company – excited and accept their applications after the presentation when he had no intention of even looking at them?

He just shrugged, looked over my shoulder and seen a friend (I’m assuming, I honestly just took the hint) and walked away. I think that was the first time I realized that in every industry, there is a bunch of bullshit.

At a certain point, you have to wonder – when does it all become too much? When are you tired? What goal were you originally working toward?

People leave industries all the time after they grow disillusioned or grow too tired, and decide to mentor or start their own production studios.

About two years after that incident with the professor I mentioned, one morning after I had already graduated he was on the morning news. He was now basically at the top in that department, overseeing admissions of the incoming classes and dictating courses.

On the news he was being awarded and he gave this grandiose speech about “the importance of diversity” and how “minorities needed their own unique voice in Hollywood”. Beside him was a young girl, his ‘mentoree’, beaming and idolizing him as if he were some god.

I swear to you I would have spit on my TV if I could. Instead I called him a motherf*cker and walked away cursing while my mom asked in confusion what was wrong. I didn’t even explain, I just laughed.

This world is amazing.

It’s something, how these powerful people decide to take a different route and seemingly downgrade their life. There are those who really do mean well, but there are even more like this professor – who has decided to spread his ilk from the top to the bottom to the next generation of eager, bright-eyed filmmakers.

I’m turning this review into something else, so that’s all I’ll say on this matter. I applaud The Dragon Prince for reflecting the diversity of our world and normalizing differences. People of color in power, members of the deaf community in positions of power, blended families that don’t hate one another, all wrapped together in an epic storytelling that seeks to restore balance back to their world. I applaud it, and I’d like to leave this article with a video clip that I often think about. It may seem random, but it’s Dave Chappelle speaking on Hollywood and knowing your price. This is a topic often spoken of in cryptic language – or doublespeak- as I have just used.

But it’s important and I’m glad he said it. The more beautiful the image of an entity, the more insidious its underbelly really is.

I’d also encourage you all to watch Misaeng: Incomplete Life. I did a review on it and eagerly look forward to its second season. It focuses on corporate culture at one of South Korea’s top companies, and shows the psychological and emotional effects of a toxic workplace.

Have you ever encountered something unfortunate in your workplace? Can you really separate society and culture? What would you like to see changed about media?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow our blog and other social media such as Twitter and Instagram!

Cowboy Bebop will return at Quad Cinema in NYC | Anime Culture

There is something about enjoying your hobbies and passions with a group of like-minded individuals. Conventions are great for this, but cinema is even better. The raw emotion charges the air, and you become even more invested in the stories being shown on screen. I assume this is why people love things like Broadway (I say people because I just can’t handle musicals unless it’s Disney). In the past few years, New York has upped its anime game. Theatres now offer animated films, show anime season marathons and even film festivals (The Complete Studio Ghibli Fest at the IFC Center and countless others). If you like Cowboy Bebop and would like to see it in theatres, read on –

Samurai Champloo, Michiko to Hatchin and Gurren Lagann are always lumped together. Mainly because they have some of the same production crew working across the shows. This causes similar signature aesthetics and of course, Samurai Champloo has Nujabes. I’ve constantly heard about Cowboy Bebop in the same conversations, but always as an afterthought.  Out of curiosity, I looked up who directed and wrote it, which happens to be Watanabe Shinichiro. He has also worked on a ton of other anime in varying degrees of positions. Of his works, I’ve seen Death Parade, Michiko to Hatchin, Samurai Champloo, and the ethereal torment that is Zankyou no Terror.

(Torment as in I adore every piece of it to bits and each time I re-watch I have this indescribable sense of longing. I also make a mental note to learn how to play chess. It’s been almost four years and I still haven’t learned how to play chess. Thinking back, I also thought about learning after that (kinda?) epic scene in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone where Ron is on the chess board and (kinda) almost dies then Dumbledore gives the House Cup to Gryffindor when Slytherin would have actually won. I mean, maybe my opinion is colored because I’d be a Slytherin through and through…but me thinks the headmaster was a wee bit biased. Almost as biased as my spellcheck recognizing every single HP word except Slytherin in this paragraph…haha, spellcheck. Anywho, back to anime…)

If you’ve ever heard about Cowboy Bebop but never checked it out, now here is your chance.

Anime NYC and Subway Cinema are holding a special event at Quad Cinema on April 22nd from 12 pm – 12 am. Cowboy Bebop: The 20th Anniversary Binge Sessions! Will show all twenty-six episodes of the series in Japanese with English subs.  I’d love to go, but instead I plan on attending every single Japanese cultural event I was not able to appreciate last year due to work and other general circumstances. This includes Japan Day at Central Park, JapanFes events (ramen contests, Okinawa Music Festival) and the upcoming Sakura Matsuri at Brooklyn Botanic Garden in April. I will also be sharing photos and stories of the events with all of you, so essentially we will all be going! =)


More info about the anniversary festival here: http://animenyc.com/cowboybebopbingesessions/

There seems to be a cosplay contest as well where you can win cool prizes. There is a fee to get in, but you seem to get a lot for your money’s worth. If you go to the event, be sure to come back and tell me about it! Have you seen any of the anime I mentioned? Leave your thoughts in the comments, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us and tell your friends about the community we are creating!