Lord Daigo Plots – Dororo Ep 21 Review

Reviewing Episode 21 of the Dororo 2019 anime!

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So full disclosure: after I first watched the episode, I wasn’t sure what to say.

Shit is really hitting the fan, so to speak.

We finally receive the backstory on how Lord Daigo acquired Mutsu and Hyogo, only for both of them to be crippled this episode. Not to mention, judging by Hyakkimaru’s vision – Mutsu is dying.

Mutsu's diminishing life force, Dororo Episode 21.
Mutsu’s diminishing life force, Dororo Episode 21.

Whether or not the plague will spread to the now-captive Dororo remains to be seen.

It is ironic that Mutsu gives this speech about becoming Tahomaru’s right hand, while Hyogo has become the left…just for Hyakkimaru to chop off her right hand and Hyogo’s left. Hyakkimaru also seemed to go for Tahomaru’s right eye again during the fight, and I’m not sure why. I know he has more moves than to continually slash at someone’s already blinded eye.

Maybe it’s a metaphor for the young lordling losing sight of his original goals, or only being able to see one perspective. Given the events, I’m sure an impending doom is near. I am almost positive that if Lord Daigo’s spy/flunky hadn’t rode in on a pale mare, it would have been over for his heir.

Also, why was the only option blowing up the prized horse with cute, large anime eyes? I mean seriously, they couldn’t think of any other options but eviscerating a mare that could have been ridden into battle?

I mean, now Hyakkimaru has beholden the pale mare, who has come back to life in the form of a vengeful rapidash after…unknown magical items and armour assembling to create it? Usually the magic or youkai influence is explained or heavily implied in each episode, but I was kind of at a loss here with this one. There were a plethora of dead bodies in the ditch, Hyakkimaru was aware of the spiritual presence possessing the armour, and it even seemed to be inching toward him before deferring at the last minute.

Was the horse a better candidate for its influence? Was it because Hyakkimaru was still alive? Did the armour decidedly help the young man by giving him a steed to ride into his incoming battles? Why do I keep interchanging steed and mare when they have different meanings? Also, why couldn’t they get a horse when they really needed one episodes back? They could have avoided so many weirdos while on horseback.

Dororo in Episode 21 end credits.
Dororo in Episode 21 end credits.

All jokes aside, this should be an interesting final battle. The ending credits are getting clearer, and a vision of an older Dororo can be seen.

So, Hyakkimaru definitely does get his vision back. But at what cost, and will the first thing he sees be happy? Especially after regaining senses have become associated with pain, loss, and deep trauma that makes Hyakkimaru wish he hadn’t even acquired them.

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Hyakkimaru to Dororo, On to the next adventure...
Hyakkimaru to Dororo, On to the next adventure…

See you back here next Monday for another one!

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