Day 17, 18, & 19 – A Short Break

Just an update on my life and what I did during my 3 day break. Also talking about an upcoming convention that I will be attending.

Wow, we only have 11 days left in October, huh?

So, in case you didn’t notice, I’m putting myself current for the challenge. I was one day behind and planned on posting double one day, but I’ve changed that because the deadline is closing in. The deadline being Halloween.

There are still three topics I wanted to talk about, one I actually have to talk about, and a re-watch of my favorite ghost-hunting anime where I review certain arcs of the series. I need to get to work.

I’ve been dealing with some personal things related to my health, and between going to the doctors and talking on the phone with insurances and such, it just kind of left me burnt out mentally. I could have tried to write something, but it wouldn’t have come out great.

Besides, the other day I wanted to make an update and my laptop wasn’t cooperating so I took it as a silent sign to cool out.

So I continued my second playthrough of Kingdom Come Deliverance. (It’s unfortunate that the devs and their team are ruining the game’s reputation with their alleged antics…amongst other things.)

Which is a shame, because it’s such a fun game.

I also took a walk the other day. As I’ve mentioned in my daily posts, the weather here has been quite questionable. I intended to go to the library, just as the clouds gathered overhead and it began to rain. I turned around and started walking back through town, only to notice in one of the parks a Halloween attraction was being set up.

I had to wonder how long this had been a tradition. Since High School, I’ve never been home. I’ve always been working, or going to school, or doing internships, or juggling two jobs even…this past (almost) two years has been the first respite I’ve had in almost a decade.

The spooky buildings were being erected and the workers were assembled to check on their stability. I plan on walking past again in a few days to see if I can learn any more info. It’s probably for children, but I love that the town is getting into the spirit. Many local shops even had scarecrows and bundles of hay tied to the phone poles in front of their shops. The line got loose at one shop and littered the street with hay.

There were also some kids standing around more hay bales that were still tied up by the local theatre. I was wondering if they had volunteered to help decorate for the festivities. I need to go past and look again sometime later on this week.

One of the new coffee shops in our area is always bustling. I really want to pop in and see what they are offering, but I’m afraid to eat anything. Like I mentioned on Day 1, the flu season has started in some places. And I will be damned if that’s what takes me out of this world. Which is unfortunate, but I’ll have to wait until March or April to try something.

The same goes for the new soufflé Japanese pancake place that opened up in Manhattan. I was going to go one day after Anime NYC in November and take photos while I had my actual camera with me. Which reminds me, I ended up ordering a 3-day pass. So I will most likely only be going two days, as the programming for one day doesn’t particularly interest me.

I want to stay and see the Masquerade on Saturday, so I was trying to think if I should drop by Sunrise Mart to grab some snacks before heading down to the Javits Center. Because let’s be honest – I’m not paying $15.00 for some nonsense I can buy for $2.00 at a real Japanese store. Especially when it’s within walking distance of the convention, albeit about 20 minutes away.

I had a really great time at the convention during its inception but last year, not so much.

Regardless, I’m giving it another go. I’ll just lower my expectations.

Also, it’s almost 1 pm at the time of writing this. I’m not sure what I’m posting yet for Day 20. I’m going to watch Hoshiai no Sora episode 2 and see if it’s worth a review. If not, I’ll focus on another topic to write about tonight. ☺

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