Persona non Grata – Mugen no Juunin Immortal Ep 5 Review

This is a review of Blade of the Immortal or Mugen no Juunin episode five.

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Shizuma Eiku. What an unpleasant man.

I can’t say if I pity him or not.

Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about anything I just saw in that episode. Philosophical debates aside, this show often leaves me with a sense of despondency after watching. And the strange thing is – it’s not necessarily depressing.

I think what’s bothering me the most is the situations. The level of realism feels like a mirror being placed before our current world. The characters I’m supposed to like (Rin and Manji) irk me. The ‘villains’ I’m supposed to dismiss intrigue me because of their world view and ideology.

Half the time, I feel bad for typing how I truly feel after taking in that information. Actually accounting for how I feel and writing it all out, just to proofread and silently think I shouldn’t say these things. I shouldn’t admit to enjoying the antagonists more because I like the way they think. Because on some level, I can sympathize with their restlessness for life.

In this episode, I could see where both Eiku and Manji were coming from. The closing shot of a flower with two buds, but one stem symbolized that they are the same. Their life choices are the only thing that have differed. That if pushed enough, if not for the love of his little sister and by proxy Rin, Manji could have easily turned into Eiku.

Rin’s parting words were pretty scary as well. Or well, ominous. Just think – if you had an eternity to live, but could not find anything to live for – then what’s the point? Can a person really exist, if only for themselves? Do you really need something or someone to tether you here, whether that be a goal, a dream, or a perceived destiny?

Some people accomplish great things in their short time here, while others accomplish nothing at all. That must have been annoying for Eiku. To witness his friends and family die, their desires and wishes along with them. He mentioned failed attempts at transferring the worms in the past, yet still tried with Rin.


Did he really want to give up, or were the worms his last hope at finding purpose in life. A purpose that ignited a fire within to help others survive, even though he had lost that will himself?

It was a strange episode. It was a strange man. A strange episode, for a strange man.

I’m overthinking this, probably. I’m ending it here.

Only one question this time: If you had an eternity to accomplish your dreams, but no one to stay by your side, what would your goal be? What would you tether to?

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