Your Biggest Fan – Mugen no Juunin Immortal Ep 12 Review

This is a review of Blade of the Immortal or Mugen no Juunin episode twelve.

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Wow, I planned on bashing Rin a bit but will take solace in the fact that she is also secretly, a Anotsu Kagehisa fan. Because if we are honest, at this point Kagehisa is the best thing about the show. It’s far superior watching his ideology flourish and thrive. Rather than to watch Rin cry, beg, plead, and mope for twenty-three minutes each week.

With my distaste for Rin out of the way this week, let’s talk about The Greatest Kagehisa.

I actually didn’t realize blades could be poisoned with human dung or manure, although it makes perfect sense. Biological warfare was alive and well, even in their day. I’m assuming that after his injuries sustained, Kagehisa should heal perfectly after contracting tetanus and a stab wound straight through the chest.

If Magatsu came back from his injuries, why can’t he?

Also very interesting that the highly anticipated Kaga trip (that was made a song and dance of for weeks in the anime) amounted to nothing. It was just the shogunate attempting to and successfully sowing discord amongst the sword school ranks. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise that Kagehisa’s return was delayed due to illness, or he would have been killed at the Red Wedding-esque betrayal currently being set up by the disgraced school.

I don’t know if I’m completely satisfied with Manji’s sudden and utterly complete devotion to Rin. Yes, it was established that she reminded him of his deceased younger sister – but is there something else going on here? Unless I was watching an off translation, Manji stated that Rin was “someone’s girl” – implying his. Then coupled with what the working woman said about men like Manji and Shira episodes back…am I missing something here?

Did something happen off screen while I was too busy rolling my eyes at Rin’s latest antics?

Speaking of which, what is up with her stamina? I can understand trekking through the countryside would be strenuous even to the regular adult swordsman, but didn’t she train after her parent’s murder? Wasn’t she introduced as a woman who had trained two long years for vengeance, despite it amounting to nothing?

Stamina has to be built over time, but how on earth is Rin ready to collapse after simply walking lengthy distances with enough sustenance to eat? She wasn’t starving, and has had her fill of food and water along the trip. Along with adequate rest that she could still function. So, why is she still so weak?

Why is her ideology so shaky?

So shaky, that she demands the rival dojo members to be murdered on sight simply because their presence inconvenienced her?

I mean, are we honestly seeing progress with this character? Or repeated regressions?

Manji even mentions that she is doing as she always does: crying and whining about her flimsy ideology.

I wonder if Rin will ever become someone who inspires loyalty, as does Kagehisa. Loyalty and love from Magatsu and Makie. The later whom seems vastly lost in her purpose of life. Hopefully she gets it together, somehow.

Makie and Kagehisa embrace. Blade of the Immortal episode 12
Makie and Kagehisa embrace. Blade of the Immortal episode 12

What do you think about this series so far, at the halfway point? Will there be a brief timeskip now after this last confrontation? Will Rin actually beat Anotsu Kagehisa in the final showdown?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Mugen no Juunin episode reviews!

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