A Grim Reminder – Shingeki no Kyojin Ch 125 Review

This is a review of the Shingeki no Kyojin monthly manga, chapter 125: After Glow.

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So, this chapter was on the rather depressing side. I applaud Isayama-sensei for the realism in capturing the chaos in the aftermath of the rumbling, but it was a bit hard to follow. Because of this, I will be structuring this review differently than normal.

Instead of giving commentary over the entire chapter, I instead will simply just talk about specific characters and their arch. We are winding down to the endgame, and I can only guess these are the final threads Isayama-sensei will leave to be solved with Attack on Titan’s culmination.

Let’s begin.


I highly doubt Eren told Floch his super-secret plan that he didn’t even let on a hint of to his core friend group. I highly doubt Eren would name Floch of all people his representative for the aftermath of the rumbling. A lot is going on, but Eren is not (that) crazy.

Well, to be quite honest – I don’t think Eren is crazy at all. The rumbling has been such a polarizing event in the fandom. Some boast that there had to be another way – while others accept that the world is just ending and there were no other options. I am in league with the latter. In my heart of hearts, I truly don’t feel that Eren did anything wrong.

Throw his PATHs and coordinate abilities into the mix, and it was inevitable. The characters are in a huge time loop, and it needs to be broken somehow.

That being said however, as some of you may remember I am not the biggest Floch fan.

Floch, everyone's favorite character. As seen in Shingeki no Kyojin ch 125.
Floch, everyone’s favorite character. As seen in Shingeki no Kyojin ch 125

I don’t hate him, and appreciate the role he serves in the story but man is he annoying. I don’t know if he realizes it yet or not, but Floch is literally Yelena 2.0. Yelena also shot a man in the head in cold blood for disagreeing with her, by the cells many chapters ago.

Here Floch is now, doing the exact same thing in front of terrified onlookers.

I don’t know what Floch’s end will be, but it won’t be pretty – I can say that much. And I bet Jean will have a heavy hand in his demise.


So, how on earth did Floch know what Jean’s character was like before he changed? There is a significant enough age gap that Floch wasn’t in their inner circle. This leads me to believe that maybe Yelena 2.0 overheard Eren talking about his friends one night in passing.

Maybe he was throwing Jean under the bus for old times’ sake (in a lovingly way). Maybe Eren was talking about how stubborn and strong-willed Jean was.

If this was the case, it would make sense that Floch would tell Jean that it’s all over. They’re free! So he can go back to being the worthless, unreliable hot head he used to be. The old Jean wouldn’t meddle in the Yeagerists’ affairs. The old Jean wouldn’t ask questions as to why Eren originally planned to betray Zeke in the first place.

The old Jean wouldn’t apply the knowledge he now had in his hands and fight tooth and nail for justice and the peace of Eldians.

The current Jean, leader and respected war hero, is a problem. Floch can’t break him, and he knows this. I wonder how Mikasa and the rest of the gang will come into play regarding these revelations. Especially regarding Onyankopon.

That brief exchange had to mean something. Jean was drawn the exact same way as when Mikasa was asking what was going on after the Volunteer murder.

Annie & Hitch

I never read the manga prior to where the anime left off, though I’ve been meaning to; so I don’t know what Annie and Hitch’s dynamic was like beforehand. From the anime alone she has been out of play for so long I don’t even remember much about her.

I enjoyed their conversation, and seeing her backstory. Mr. Leonhart seems to think his daughter is still alive and has begun a riot in the Liberio Internment Camp with his wild martial arts moves.

I wonder who Annie’s real parents were?

I am going to say here that despite the current popular theory, I highly doubt she is a secret royal. If she were, her many interactions with Eren (in titan form and otherwise) would have led some insight into her secret (perceived) destiny.

The irony in the fact that Annie encased herself in the titan crystal for safety and learning that in reality she didn’t know how to get back out is somewhat funny, in a bleak way.

Eren freed Annie from her self-imposed prison.


…is bringing Gabi “shoot first ask questions later” Braun to a hostage negotiation really the best decision? Especially when her mental state is vastly more unstable than Armin’s currently?

I just don’t know about Armin’s current mindset. Everything is chaotic, but now isn’t the best time for his five-year long survivor’s guilt to pop up. Not to mention, his breakdown gave us every single loose end that should be tied up at series end.

Armin being the colossal titan has to serve some sort of useful function in the endgame, right?

And, is anyone else surprised he wasn’t the first one there when Annie woke up?

I could have sworn Bertholdt would have taken the wheel and rushed Armin’s body over to see his beloved sleeping beauty. Their eventual interactions together will surely be interesting.

It will let us know just how influenced Armin is by his titan predecessor.


Is completely lost, poor girl. And, her scarf is gone. I don’t know who would take it, that thing is umpteen years old and it doesn’t seem like it is cold out. People had to know it was hers. I’m wondering if this is a metaphor for losing a connection to Eren.

Mikasa has to think for herself now, which is proving to be a challenge…

(Also, is the creepy girl who is obsessed – I mean, “idolizes” – Mikasa behind the missing scarf?)

Eren & Zeke

Did Eren take everyone’s current titan shifting abilities away by freeing the founder Ymir?

For some reason, I just don’t see Annie actually shifting into the female titan. I don’t see Falco turning into the Jaw Titan ever again. I don’t see Connie’s mom reverting back, unless Zeke’s magic has a hand in the reversal. After all he created that titan, so Eren might not have any jurisdiction over it.

I wonder if Pieck will never be able to transform again once she fully comes out of her titan.

Do you think Zeke is still alive? He was badly wounded. Do you think he will be able to heal? Maybe it will be the same deal as with Reiner, who is unable to heal and is slowly dying. Although, I think that’s what Reiner wanted, so…


So long, Snape! All jokes aside, it is tragic that he will most likely be a martyred sign of the old regime ending. I don’t dislike the character, and I respect that he has enough sense to accept this facet of warfare and advise his supporters to wait for the right time to act.

The Volunteers

I wonder where this storyline is going. They have no reason to support Eldia now that their homelands are jeopardized. They also have nowhere to go. It should be interesting to see their fate.

Levi and Hange

I love Hange, although I’m pretty sure Pieck and Magath know who both of them are.

But each side has a common enemy – so how do you think this will work out?


I don’t agree with Armin that Connie’s mom is fine as she is, in the eternal hell that is a mindless titan. Armin has snapped, and isn’t thinking correctly. Connie also isn’t in his right mind. His family (save his mom) were turned into mindless titans and inadvertently slaughtered by Zeke. His best friend Sasha, who he referred to as his twin, was shot dead after what was a victorious mission.

The world is ending, and he finally has a chance to save his remaining family in the only way he knows how. I sympathize with Connie. Add onto the fact that Falco is someone Gabi cares about, this could serve as revenge for Sasha – though I don’t think Connie sees it that way.

I don’t know if he will succeed or not, but I don’t want him to die. Connie may not say much, but my soft spot for the final Squad Levi is strong. Besides, the core group as a whole has gone through so much and they are almost at the end. Why would anyone want to see Connie die now?

Attack on Titan obviously will not have a happy ending. But, are you okay with that?

Do you think the end justifies the means? And what about Historia’s baby? Will the monarchy even really be necessary at this point?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Shingeki no Kyojin in fall 2020!

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