Victory is Far Off – Mugen no Juunin Immortal Ep 16 Review

This is a review of Blade of the Immortal or Mugen no Juunin episode sixteen.

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I applaud Rin for being brave and doing cool things this episode, but ugh.

Why did they wait so long?

I understand gathering intel takes time. Towards the end the map wasn’t enough based on the resistance they kept being met with, so the pair had to steal explosives from Doa’s contact.

But…why couldn’t this have begun 60+ days ago? Why were the attempts made just now?

Again, I understand that the plan was set in motion and spurred on by the capture of Isaku, but did Rin really not have a plan before that? Like there was no concrete strategy between Rin, Hyakurin and Giichi?

Speaking of which, did Hyakurin become pregnant during the time of her captivity?

If so, I cannot fully blame her for not wanting the child. Even if Giichi offered to raise it and believes it would be good for her healing. I wonder if she dyed her hair back because she feels trapped again. Poor woman. Hyakurin just might be my favorite character in this series, aside from The Greatest Anotsu Kagehisa (and Magatsu by default).

I wonder how Manji is in all of this.

We know from past altercations that he does feel pain when his limbs are chopped off.

If there were cases of insanity in the mortal men, I wonder how the lone true immortal feels? I say Manji is the lone true immortal because the men that had been successfully turned seem more like soulless zombies than anything.

Empty husks whose minds were broken by the torturous methodology of the (now) mad doctor.

Will this arc even have a good ending?

Rin is going alone, the women outside are gathered (maybe they will riot?), Hyakurin takes the explosion as a signal that Rin and Doa infiltrated the secret jails…Habaki’s court doesn’t even seem to like the immortality experiments. What will be the tipping point for the public overthrowing his prefectural rule?

Doa and Rin survey the carnage. Mugen no Juunin episode 16
Doa and Rin survey the carnage. Mugen no Juunin episode 16

How many more bodies need to be thrown in a ditch? How many more husbands, working men, and town men need to go missing? How many power hungry guards need to die for this to be revealed to the public?

This is a tough one, but I’ll end it here.

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