Deliver Us From Evil – Itaewon Class Episode 8 Review

This is a review of episode 8 of Itaewon Class, or 이태원 클라쓰 kdrama currently airing on Netflix.

Check out the previous episode review here.

Before I begin, I’d just like to apologize for this review being a bit late. I haven’t lost interest in the series, and I watched it on time – I just had some things pop up in my personal life that prevented me from writing it.

Usually, (or the way I am at least) – I don’t like writing if I’m in a bad mood. I try to keep things positive, and I am aware just how easily emotions can colour one’s writing or reviews.

If you are a negative person, you attract negativity along with negative readers or viewers. Likewise, if you are positive, you attract positivity. Here on this website, I try to do my best to be positive.

In general, I am a very positive person and I am happy with my decisions and choices in life.

It’s just…some things recently happened that were not within my control, or truly my problem. But, they somehow flowed into my life. I am dealing with it, but it will take some time. It was somewhat traumatic, and I lay awake most of the night unable to sleep.

But maybe, I can use this time to catch up on series and graphic novels I’d like to talk about here.

Anyway, what I’m trying to lead up to and say is that I’m just going to make a quick recap of episode eight this week. I would usually re-watch the episode if I waited this long to review an hour long series, but if I’m completely honest I’m not quite fully in the mood for that right now. It’s nothing against the show, it’s lovely and I look forward to watching it on Friday and Saturdays with my mother.

It’s just me right now, but this too shall pass.

So, without further ado…

I’m not sure I trust Jo Yi Seo’s intentions. We already know she is a sociopath, and that those with that mental illness tend to be extremely charming and charismatic. At first I thought she was turning over a new leaf with Geun Soo, but she later revealed her outward feelings to be a rouse.

Yi Seo now views Geun Soo as an obstacle with no benefit. So although in front of Sae Royi and the rest of the DanBam crew she pretended to be okay with his employment there, in reality she is not. Maybe she told Geun Soo to work for Jangga so that he could somehow influence the company to stop going after Sae Royi? Or rather, just influence his father Chairman Jang.

It’s still unclear at this point, but I wonder how Geun Soo feels about all of this now.

Sae Royi sees a lot of himself in Geun Soo, and I can understand why. After the loss of his father Sung Yul, Sae Royi was…well, lost.

Because of this, he leaned on Soo Ah a lot during that time. And although she is a frenemy and ultimately (in my opinion) no good for Sae Royi, she helped him during a difficult period in his life.

In addition to this, she was the first real bond he had outside of his dad. Soo Ah was his first friend and first love, so of course someone who had gone through life with no one would not be eager to give up their sole tether to this world. With that logic, it’s understandable why his relationship with those working at DanBam mean more to him than his revenge.

Sae Royi realizes that he cannot do this alone, and if he had been alone he would not have gotten this far today. Yi Seo on the other hand, has never needed anything from anyone. She is far too capable on her own, and leaning on people would only slow her down. That is how she has been introduced, and that is how she continues to live today in our current story.

Yi Seo wants Sae Royi, and any obstacles that would inhibit her desires out of the way. Hyun Yi, from her perspective, has already been neutralized. As long as Hyun Yi continues to blend in with society (black hair), she should not cause DanBam any more ‘problems’.

However, along with Geun Soo, To Ni is still a potential threat.

I do not believe Yi Seo’s sincerity regarding wanting to help To Ni find his father. Although it was a just sediment to bring attention to the night club incident online, it is my personal opinion that Yi Seo only did so to win back over Sae Royi. During the incident she didn’t really care, and literally said what all of the characters seemed to be thinking: “he has dark skin” so he cannot “be Korean”.  

If I’m quite honest, the DanBam crew seemed more annoyed that Yi Seo pointed that out than the incident happening at all. Why? I don’t know what is personally in their hearts, but maybe this sort of thing is common in South Korea. To be fair, I don’t know much about South Korean culture outside of watching kdrama and eating their foods every once in a while.

I’ve heard stories, but…

It’s not an issue I feel it is my place to talk about. Maybe a Korean or someone who has experienced this sort of thing out at clubs could lend more insight?

Do I have any readers who have been in that sort of situation before?

Regardless, I’m sure Yi Seo will help him find his father, and To Ni will get whatever type of closure that comes along with it. Maybe he’ll even be added to the family registry.

I just don’t think Yi Seo would care if it didn’t affect her managerial perception at DanBam.

Nonetheless, the next episode should be a lot of fun. I love the interactions between Nara and Kim Da Mi’s characters. The actresses have great chemistry between them and I know I’m not the only one who smiles every time Soo Ah calls Yi Seo “Cutie”.

This should be interesting. Itaewon Class Episode 8
This should be interesting. Itaewon Class Episode 8

What do you think about the new location of DanBam? Do you think the businesses in that area don’t succeed because the local crime families are involved? Does Soo Ah really care about Sae Royi as she claims?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Itaewon Class reviews!

Don’t fall for any schemes in the workplace, read: The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

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2 thoughts on “Deliver Us From Evil – Itaewon Class Episode 8 Review”

  1. You gave a clear description of Sooah and the things you disliked and not justifying her actions. ( I agreed 100%) . And I totally love Yiseo but also seen some faults. You didn’t give a clear description on Yiseo and her actions so I would like to know What did you think about Yiseo’s character and actions comparing Sooah’s?

    2. What do you think about Yiseo and Saeroyi love and do you think they were a good match. ( I personally love their love story)

    Referring to some of your other reviews, I feel like Saeroyi definitely see’s Sooah wrong-doings but his philosophy on peoples personal conviction along with her being tied to his pass makes him forgiving towards her. He always feels like she has a good reason since she ‘wished him a happy life’. This to me show his emotional stunt due to his pass, him being stuck, and how he desperately yearns for reassurance of a “sweet life.” Which also explains why he didn’t realize he like Yiseo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think Yi Seo and Soo Ah are essentially the same, personality wise. Only one continually lies about who she is to herself, and one knows who they are and doesn’t pretend to put on false airs.

      By the end of the series Yi Seo is still a sociopath, but she is trying to be a better person and is more consious of her actions. Soo Ah (essentially) also makes the decision to move on and try to discover who she is, rather than repeatedly be told who she is by her boss and their corporation.

      I don’t mind the love story between Yi Seo and Sae Royi as it was set up nicely. It’s not perfect, but I don’t think any tpe of love story with such high-charged emotions would be. Yi Seo wanted to fall in love with Sae Royi, and Sae Royi finally let the past go, recieved closure (speaking with his father, taking down Chairman Jang) and decided to let Yi Seo love him.

      I liked it! ☺


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