A Weak Stomach For Revenge – Mugen no Juunin Immortal Ep 20 Review

This is a review of Blade of the Immortal or Mugen no Juunin episode twenty.

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I’m so glad Shira is dead.

And wow, what a way to go out. A shinobi (or kunoichi), a criminal outlaw, an immortal outlaw and a horse took down the worst villain of this series in the snow.

You know what, villain isn’t even a word that could describe the sheer atrocities Shira committed. I don’t even consider him human. His every fiber disgusted me, and to be honest I felt sick watching how he mutilated that one woman, and was about to do the same to another right in front of Magatsu.

Just like a horror film, he might have popped back up after all of that. Shira doesn’t stay dead you know, and thankfully a wild pack of dogs devoured the bastard.

Even then, I found no pleasure in watching. I just sat there, holding my mouth and looking at the screen. Looking at Renzo pathetically weep in the snow over his corpse. Thinking about the surprisingly good advice he gave him while presumably being blindly torn apart by animals.

Is there some sort of poetic symmetry here that when first meeting Rin he killed a dog, and now with their last meeting he is killed by a pack of dogs?

Also I mentioned this before, but Renzo should have died along with his father.

Rin begged him to run away as she was dying, and he just cried thinking of the time she saved him. A complete stranger is what took her out of this world. Although, Manji’s hand was cut when he went back for the final showdown so I’m wondering if we have some sacred bloodworm shenanigans going on.

Who knows, in a few episodes we could see her revival? And by few, I mean within the last four episodes left.

After all, she vowed not to die until she killed The Greatest Anotsu Kagehisa. With Magatsu slightly out of commission, Kagehisa might be alone heading to their meeting place. Hopefully he doesn’t get stopped along the way.

Which by the way, do the kunoichi know Habaki is a total nutcase? Do they know he kidnapped Manji and experimented on nearly half of all able-bodied men in Edo without discrimination? Out of their sheer loyalty, would they even care?

I don’t know anymore. I feel like I should be saying more, it was a doozy of an episode.

If I’m honest, I truly hope that if Rin is somehow revived by Manji’s worms, the first thing she does is kill Renzo. That is, if it’s possible and she doesn’t have severe brain damage from the lack of oxygen circulating her body from drowning.

If she does live, I just can’t see her being the same. Which, might be a good thing. She doesn’t need to be hard, but couldn’t Rin learn how to self-preserve a bit better?

I mean, she is literally dead right now because she took mercy on a boy who should have died anyway. Had she not intervened, Renzo most likely would have been cut down by that samurai. Rin did this despite what his father did to her father, her mother.

The trauma she faced because of the Itto-ryu and their actions.

Does Renzo even know this? Did he try to understand? Would he even have to care?

He’s not built for revenge.

How do you think he will survive now?

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