The Classy Diamond Lady – Itaewon Class Ep 12 Review

This is a review of episode 12 of Itaewon Class, or 이태원 클라쓰 kdrama currently airing on Netflix.

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So I don’t know what it is, but I never do the second weekly episode review on time.

It’s not even that it’s bad, or that I don’t watch it on time. To be quite honest, I’m usually thinking about how amazing it was to watch the whole entire week. Then a Wednesday rolls around, like today, and I think “wow, it’s almost Friday. I should get started on that review so I don’t fall behind.”

Then I sit in front of my laptop and just blankly stare at the screen. I turn on some lofi music and start typing the first thing that comes to my mind. This week, that thing is: Geun Soo.

I liked Geun Soo. I wanted to believe that he was a good boy, but I had my doubts. Chiefly being that when we were first introduced to him as a child, he was crushing ants with a stick (or his hands – I cannot fully remember). I know it’s just bugs, but hurting smaller animals or things of that sort can be an early sign of psychopathy. It could also be sociopathy, but based on the way Geun Soo has been acting let’s assume the worst and say he is a psychopath.

Not even being funny with this one.

It always kind of bothered me that Geun Soo had a crush on Yi Seo, but didn’t mind the way she acted. I thought he was either a kind person who thought he could change her, or was secretly the same but in hiding. Turns out, it was the latter because WHEW he did a complete 360 in under an episodes time.

Not only did he get into the company through nepotism, he clearly doesn’t respect the chain of command because he threw Soo Ah under the bus multiple times. Now if I’m honest, I don’t mind him undercutting Soo Ah and I actually laughed when she tried to pull rank only to be told by Chairman Jang (yet again) that he will handle his family affairs.

Maybe she is starting to see that although the Chairman said he thinks of Soo Ah as family, she is not actually family.

And despite Chairman Jang repeating aloud that Geun Soo wants the company, it doesn’t mean he’s going to get it. Yes, he seems to be the son that the Chairman wanted Geun Won to be personality wise – but he’s still a bastard. If the Chairman threw his own chosen heir under the bus for the company, what do you think he would do to his bastard?

Maybe he’s using Geun Soo as a place holder for the next seven years until Geun Won gets out? Maybe he’s bored and is just messing with him? Maybe he’s using him for intel on DanBam and Sae Royi’s crew?

Who knows. The Chairman always has a plan. He’s always scheming. And so is his younger son, apparently.

Hyun Yi was the only person who cared about Geun Soo’s feelings after the murder/cover-up reveal. She was the only one who came and talked to him. She was the only one who tried to go out of her way to make him feel welcome, and this is the crap he pulls?

Geun Soo even had the nerve to tell Soo Ah that Hyun Yi was “one of his dearest friends”. Which says a lot. It hadn’t even been a year and they only knew each other in a part-time working capacity. If that was one of his dearest friends aside from Yi Seo, Geun Soo had no real friends. And since we know Yi Seo was just using him in the off chance that he became successful, Geun Soo had no friends until joining DanBam.

And now, he’s right back where he started.

Yi Seo will never want him. I’m sure Geun Soo knows it at this point, but might be using her as a justification for his actions. That he is “doing this all for her” or something to that effect. Which is really lame on his part. I expected better from him, but I shouldn’t have. I just hope we continue to get shots here and there of Geun Won in prison.

Did anyone else think his visitor’s prison room was a lot nicer than Sae Royi’s? Is it the same jail? Or, was Geun Won in one of those prisons for the wealthy where he has every amenity he needs and the next seven years will just seem like an extended vacation?

Is Chairman Jang too proud to visit his son in jail, but had all the time to visit Sae Royi just to taunt him?

Unless, he’s just embarrassed and thinks keeping a distance will help him save face. I don’t know.

I just hope Sae Royi gets it together. Despite Geun Soo’s curveball, I hope Hyun Yi’s popularity on the cooking show doesn’t fall. I hope the judges aren’t biased against her (now) really good food. If this fails, they might have to find another way to get funding from To Ni’s grandma, Ms. Kim.

I guess I should end this shorter review with Soo Ah, because not an episode goes by where she doesn’t pull some nonsense.

Again as I reiterate each review, I have no problem with her character. She was written very realistically and I enjoy seeing what she might do. But with all that being said, factoring in her upbringing and how she has chosen to live thus far, Soo Ah is in the wrong.

Does Soo Ah forget that she herself inserted herself between Jangga Corp and Sae Royi? That she basically volunteered to take money from the Chairman in exchange for a false testimonial against Sae Royi ten years ago? That she was willing to call the cops to shut down his pub when she knew how much he struggled?

That she told Geun Won that she thought of Mr. Park as a father, and took college tuition money from him, but still continues to actively try and destroy his son?

That she has been spying on the company this entire time? That she is always there when something is going wrong and Sae Royi allows her to hear their plans?

So for Soo Ah to bring the “know your place and be satisfied with what you have” plant to DanBam corporate offices when the investors are all having a cow because of something her boss set up…and then having the nerve to cry about her feelings over doing what she was asked to do by her boss that she voluntarily chose to work for over ten years ago??

Run on sentence be damned, cut the shit Soo Ah.

If you felt that bad, why didn’t you testify when Detective Oh did? You knew about the cover-up since day one. You were the one who realized it was Geun Won’s car when even the authorities didn’t. She could have been a valuable witness. Her testimonial would have held merit.

Oh, that’s right. Soo Ah didn’t want to lose everything she had worked for over ten years’ time. Telling the truth would unravel her world.

Then the whole scene with Sae Royi fawning over her crying as if she were suddenly so hurt. When she hasn’t cared about screwing him over for over ten years. If we’re honest, Soo Ah hasn’t cared up until Yi Seo entered the picture. In my own personal opinion and feelings, I feel like she only attempts to care for Sae Royi because he is the only person in the world who is excusing her actions. If he turns away from her, or finally sees through her, she’ll have to answer to the guilt inside of her.

Soo Ah is selfish, and doesn’t want to do that. So instead of seeing the result come to course (DanBam succeeding and Yi Seo getting everything she wants) she would rather halt everyone’s progress for her own pitiful reasons.

I wish Sae Royi would open his eyes and wake up where it concerns Soo Ah. But it seems like he has an ideal about her. An unrealistic image in his mind where she can do no wrong and no matter what, has to keep living how she has always lived. So in that regard, Sae Royi and Soo Ah both are refusing to view reality.

At this point in our story, I’m hoping Yi Seo and Geun Soo can change that. Maybe those two together will make them realize they have both been living a lie, and need to leave the past decade behind and step into 2020.

Geun Soo in shock over backfired plans. Itaewon Class Episode 12
Geun Soo in shock over backfired plans. Itaewon Class Episode 12

What do you think of Geun Soo’s 360 personality change? Do you think Soo Ah deserves pity? Did you expect To Ni’s grandma to be rich? ☺

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Itaewon Class reviews!

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