Your Call Was Magic – Itaewon Class Ep 13 Review

This is a review of episode 13 of Itaewon Class, or 이태원 클라쓰 kdrama currently airing on Netflix.

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Well, it seems Sae Royi threw old man Jang a lifeline, because he was literally about to lie down and die. He was even reminiscing about dead people, and giving one last spiteful monologue to the world.

“You tried to break me down, but look at me now, world! Look at what I’ve built! Look at my greatness! See, I have a 10 story building now, too!”

That sort of thing.

The old man was on the very cusp of death and one phone call from Sae Royi reinvigorated the life throughout his body. Old man Jang has declared to be petty to the very end, and honestly I can respect it. His suffering isn’t enough and although he is not the opponent he used to be 15 years ago, you are never too old for a thorough ass-whooping.

Never mind the fact that old man Jang knows nobody around him wants to see him live. Geun Soo has become the obedient son the Chairman always wanted Geun Won to be. Soo Ah is still stuck in middle management, bitter – and chauffeuring around the new heir.

And, it seems Geun Won got out of jail early…

Which poses two questions.

  1. If Seung Kwon didn’t know who Geun Won was, does that mean Gang Leader Kim Hee Hoon has even less of a clue?
  2. Is Geun Won less of a punk now?

It didn’t seem like he bowed down to Kim Hee Hoon in the jail cell. I don’t know if any hazing happened though, as with Sae Royi. Dare I suggest…was jail actually good for Geun Won?

Has he matured into a productive member of society?

“I’ll protect what is precious to you. Jangga Co.”

So, is the early arrival of the original heir going to knock down the spare?

And what is this about the Chairman being fully aware nobody wants him to live?

Both Mr. Kim and Geun Soo heard the advice of the doctors. They advised Chairman Jang to start chemotherapy. So for Geun Soo to say that nothing could be done, and old man Jang doesn’t even check with Mr. Kim…was he resigned to die?

Were Geun Soo and Mr. Kim in it together? Is Chairman Jang’s own manservant tired of him as well at this point in time?

I mean, six months to live is a pretty drastic thing. Geun Won said he made his father get yearly check-ups. Geun Soo just calls his father ‘Chairman Jang’.

It’s all business with him. The illness would be bad for the company. Stocks would go down. He is needed to make a public appearance to smooth over future relations with a borough president. He can’t be sick, that wasn’t in the schedule.

Unless…Geun Soo penciled in this illness himself?                          

I mean why would the Chairman be suddenly sick? Did he know his health was failing, send Geun Soo away to the states to learn business abroad, and then decide to fall apart then and there because he was confident in his bastard’s abilities to lead the company?

(By the way, does anyone else find irony in the fact that Chairman Jang tried to send Geun Soo away to the States to distance him from DanBam, and now Geun Soo went willingly when requested?)

All the run on sentences be damned.

This episode was so damn interesting, despite my focus on the Jang family.

IC has grown into a huge company now. But instead of Soo Ah spying, Geun Soo has taken into his own hands espionage on Sae Royi via Seung Kwon.

It doesn’t seem like Seung Kwon realizes it though, thinking they are friends. Four years ago Geun Soo wouldn’t even answer his calls, and now not only does he answer – but tapes them for further use in his IC takedown plan.

Fabulous. Truly his father’s son.

Ms. Kang still seems to work at the Pajin office, and has grown closer to Detective Oh and his daughter Hye Won. I wonder if their romance is blooming yet? Little Hye Won did say that her dad was single. Maybe the stars will align and give this young girl a bigger family yet.

I wonder why Sae Royi didn’t get Yi Seo anything for her birthday last year. She obviously got him the pen so that he thinks of her every time he touches it. I hope Sae Royi buys her the necklace. Even if he doesn’t return her feelings yet, Sae Royi owes Yi Seo something for at least being an amazing manager.

Is that even her title anymore? If Seung Kwon is a director, Yi Seo has to be at least a vice president, or president. I know Sae Royi is now CEO.

I might have missed her new title introduction.

I guess the last person I wanted to talk about before wrapping this abrupt review up is Revenge King Lee Ho Jin.

What happened there?

Not diminishing the psychological effects of severe bullying, abuse, and daily humiliation but – did he get complacent? Revenge King even asked Sae Royi if he had forgotten about his revenge.

Were they now comfortable in their lives, and the events of the past that motivated them were no longer tying them down? My meaning being, were Lee Ho Jin and Park Sae Royi beginning to move on?

Judging by the character interactions in this episode prior to the cancer reveal, it seemed like everyone was just worried about…normal things?

Their ranking in Korean society. Improving capital to expand IC. Meeting and building relationships. Negotiating a global market.

Life seemed…almost mundane. Or at least, a new routine. Seung Kwon is the only one that seemed to express a longing for the simplicity of pub bartending life. Is that why he still talks to Geun Soo?

Hyun Yi moved on. Yi Seo moved on. Sae Royi had moved on.

Soo Ah wasn’t even “dropping by” anymore. Yi Seo and Soo Ah hadn’t met in what was inferred to be years. Everyone was going on about their lives, except Geun Soo who was keeping tabs. Even the Chairman was ready to just die, and put the past behind him.

I’m wondering…was the core group of DanBam finally happy?

And where the heck was To Ni this episode?

But, I think I’ll end it here.

At each other's throat. Itaewon Class Episode 13
At each other’s throat. Itaewon Class Episode 13

What do you think about Geun Won’s sudden reappearance? Do you think Geun Soo is trying to speed up Chairman Jang’s death? Is Soo Ah turning into a bitter, miserable cusp who is jealous of the accomplishments of those around her?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Itaewon Class reviews!

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