Treason and Mysterious Mental Gymnastics – Shingeki no Kyojin Ch 129 Review

This is a review of the Shingeki no Kyojin monthly manga, Chapter 129: Nostalgia.

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It has taken me a while to write a review for this chapter.

Mainly because I’ve been actively stretching for a week, but can’t seem to achieve the mental gymnastics The Alliance of Good Eldians needed to justify the nonsense they are doing.

Shadis Sides With The Alliance And Marley

Keith Shadis seemed to get the memo, though.

He watched from a window as his former students worked together.

The amount of treason and espionage against their county must have filled his heart with pride. Just then, he decided to do some toe touches.

Then, Shadis lunged all the way to the coast, where he seemingly blew up a train with Yeagerist forces. All to help his former students, the traitors.

The Yeagerists are bad, because as Hanji so eloquently stated: (to paraphrase) “Genocide is bad, m’kay?”

After all, those little Yeagerist punks did beat old man Shadis up in a military coup.

Never mind any sort of military coup that happened on Paradis to remove the false Fritz puppet king from the throne.

Never mind Shadis being petty and tormenting young Eren Yeager all because he had his father’s eyes.

Nope, the Yeagerist, the only military forces Paradis – a small island nation – has for protection from any sort of suicide attacks from angry nations across the world, needed to go.

Floch had to go.

Forget all of those people dancing in the streets chapters earlier because they were finally free. Forget all of those people celebrating NOT being murdered on assault by the rest of the world. Forget all of those people loyal to Eren’s apparent (and assumed) cause.

Eren Yeager wasn’t down with the forced sterilization of his people, or the genocide of his people or their land. Because he was born in this world.

Nope, none of that matters.

Shadis Is Inspired By Annie’s War Crimes

Because Shadis saw Annie Leonhart, the female titan who massacred countless soldiers in their own regiment on orders from her home government, and felt ‘emotional’.

Shadis felt pride when he remembered how Annie Leonhart murdered Squad Levi without remorse. He felt pride remembering that she – along with Bertholdt, Reiner, (and Ymir by proxy) were child soldiers from a foreign land who were sent on order to cause chaos within the walls – was now alive and well.

Shadis felt pride that Annie Leonhart, who enclosed herself in a titan crystal to avoid interrogation and was prepared to die that way (later stating she had no clue how to release it), was working with his traitorous students.

Shadis felt emotional that Annie Leonhart, unbeknownst to him, admitted not even five chapters ago that she would do it all again in a heartbeat if it meant returning home to her father.

Annie Leonhart, whose face lit up like a Christmas tree when she realized they were going to fly from the continent to Marley – is likely going to betray The Alliance of Good.

Never mind all of that stuff, it’s in the past.

Why Did Shadis and Magath Sacrifice Themselves?

Shadis deemed this a good enough reason to quietly throw his life away. Forget that speech about standing up for your beliefs to his students who didn’t participate in the military coup beatdown that Shadis even acknowledged was because he was part of the old regime.

Never mind Shadis softly accepting that was life, that was war, and that was how military regimes go.

Nope, Shadis decided to side with the enemy, blow up his own people, and partake in the Civil War ignited by Eren’s little friends who have absolutely no plan on how to stop The Rumbling, but all (somehow) agreed that genocide is just bad, m’kay?

The same group of friends who were there in Marley to witness the hearing, and how the rest of the world felt about them. The same group in Liberio that fateful night who witnessed Willy Tybur declare war on Paradis to resounding cheers from the rest of the world.

Nope, Shadis doesn’t read military reports anymore.

He’d rather quietly die and make it seem like Theo Magath was some sort of martyr.

(Helos – anyone?)

Theo Magath, who casually mentioned that there may be retaliation for their – (i.e. Eren’s worldwide Eldian liberation) – actions against the rest of the world. Shadis acknowledges this, after just slaughtering a good number of Paradis’ surviving forces.

Theo Magath, who stated only chapters earlier he believed in his country of Marley and wanted to keep it safe. The same Theo Magath, who broke his fellow countryman and resident Chaos Goddess Yelena’s arm because she worked with the traitors.

Theo Magath reflecting on his Good Eldian students (Zeke included) - Shingeki no Kyojin ch 129
Theo Magath reflecting on his Good Eldian students (Zeke included) – Shingeki no Kyojin ch 129

Theo Magath, who only wanted HIS Good Eldian students to grow up and lead normal lives without a war (also screw Annie and Bertholdt in that little photo I guess lol) – is later told by Shadis, someone he just met, that he is a great person.

Magath, who just helped destroy Shiganshina (again). Is a great person.


Clearly, I will never be a gymnast.

Clearly, I am a bad person because at this point in the story, I am still 100% with Eren and 75% with the Yeagerists. I’ve deducted 25% because I personally don’t care for Floch, but respect his mission and attempts to protect Paradis and its people.

Of course, other things happened this chapter.

Falco shifted for the first time and has the appearance of a bird, or well, falcon. There were talks on Reddit on whether or not this meant that someone else was in charge of sculpting the titans from the PATHs dimension.

Falco transforms as the Jaw Titan for the first time, Shingeki no Kyojin ch 129
Falco transforms as the Jaw Titan for the first time, Shingeki no Kyojin ch 129

Maybe Zeke, in a bad attempt at some humor, created Falco’s titan this way? Who knows.

Titans are becoming extremely obsolete in their world’s warfare. The thunder spears crippled both Reiner and Annie. It was also funny seeing Annie fight the same exact way she did years ago, by simply covering her nape and swatting at soldiers like they are flies.

My, how times have changed?

Annie Leonhart as the female titan chapter 24 vs chapter 129
Annie Leonhart as the female titan chapter 24 vs chapter 129

Gabi again proved herself an experienced sharp shooter and…might have killed Floch? Or, might not have. I’m voting for the later, as Isayama seems to draw flowers near dead characters’ bodies.

Oh, then there was that bit about The Alliance of Good really not having a plan. Or a counter plan should the plane not immediately be available for flight.

The god figures in the military who have survived everything against the odds, really showed up to commit high treason without a plan.


Seriously toying with the idea of Eren killing them all not being so bad in my head…

Well, I’m going to end it here.

We’re winding down to the finale of this story, folks! See you all in Chapter 130!

Can you be as good a gymnast as The Alliance of Good? Do you agree with Hanji, Mikasa, Armin, Connie, and Jean having no plan? Do you disagree with Paradis and the Yeagerists’ motives?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for Shingeki no Kyojin manga chapter reviews!

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