The Eldian Alliance: Infinity Wars – Shingeki no Kyojin Ch 135 Review

This is a review of the Shingeki no Kyojin monthly manga, Chapter 135: Battle of Heaven and Earth.

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…I totally should have read this chapter two days ago.

I put it off because…well, I honestly didn’t know what to expect.

I didn’t know if I’d be mildly annoyed again, hyped, or happy. Currently? I’m somewhere between all of those emotions.

It’s not that I don’t get what’s happening in the story, or from a lore standpoint that it doesn’t make sense – I just don’t get why.

Okay, yes – all Eldians are connected through PATHs. I understand that.

The spinal creature that came into contact with Ymir Fritz 2,000 years ago is the source of her power. Eren, when asking for her permission and power to destroy the world – essentially inherited it. Together with the Founder Ymir Fritz, Eren Yeager currently has unlimited potential.

Including the ability to transcend time and space at will.

That is all fine with me.

What I don’t get is…why on earth is any of this even happening?

Maybe it’s because we got an Eren pov chapter and the rest of The Alliance of Good Eldians didn’t but…my gosh, it’s hard to watch them flounder around.

To be fair, I’m quite glad the encounter with the beast titan was seemingly cut from the chapter because I had no interest in them attacking essentially a hologram.

Speaking of which – if Eren (or Ymir) is summoning the 9 Titan Shifters of Christmas Past, and Zeke was one of the first…does this mean that Zeke Yeager is canonically dead?

Before Pieck spoke on the 9 Titan Shifters of Christmas Past revelation, I thought two of the titans looked like Frieda Reiss’ Founder and Ymir’s Jaw Titan.

Then we had Porco show up and try to beat Reiner’s Plot Armor Titan. Followed with a scene of Bertholdt finding Armin in whatever dimension he’s in, viewing his limp body in horror, and Bertholdt then closing his eyes and crying.

It is very reminiscent of when Armin gained the Colossal titan power and had a vision (or “nightmare”) of Bertholdt crying over what could be presumed to be his death.

So based on those two panels alone, it seems that maybe the consciousness of the titan shifter truly does live on. And not just in the memories of its predecessors – but in a sort of purgatory in the spinal creature’s dimension. That is to say, if it really is past titan shifter’s consciousness and spirits being summoned forth to fight for Ymir and Eren.

PATHs is a very interesting concept…that could have been explored more.

Instead of The Alliance of Good Eldians bobbing and weaving from titans, completely unloading their arsenal of thunder spears early with no strategy, and generally giving 4th-wall breaking speeches for the entire chapter.

I still don’t care about Reiner’s mom crying over what she believed to be her son’s death.

Doesn’t Mrs. Braun know that he has plot armor? He is the plot armor titan.

Was Berthold, his friend, coming back from the dead and biting off his head supposed to garner an emotional response from me?

Was Armin being molested (again) and giving up his will to fight (again) supposed to surprise me? Since he always does that; then pulls off some insane feat and gets himself out of trouble.

Was I supposed to be in awe at Falco the Flying Boy Wonder?

Was I supposed to be excited that Annie Leonhart – who has suffered virtually zero consequences for her actions this entire series compared to her counterparts – is finally going to see her dad who is standing just over that ridge in the distance?

Was I supposed to get emotional that Onyankopon crash-landed a plane, has a serious concussion, and might be bleeding internally – but then suddenly forget because Mr. Leonhart is shaking an unconscious man with a head injury to ask about his traitorous daughter?

Was I supposed to be surprised that Pieck – who has been consistently neutral in this war as a shifter, an Eldian living in Marley, and someone who values her friends and Eldian freedom more than anything – decided to volunteer to try and take down Eren so that his precious friends didn’t have to?

I don’t mean to sound like this. It was an enjoyable read, I guess…but I just don’t get why Eren’s little friends couldn’t just kick back, drink some tea or wine, and let the rest of the world pay for the GLOBAL oppression of Eldians everywhere.

I don’t get why it was not enough to be safe on Paradis Island, without walls, when the whole world hates you and allied to annihilate your people, your home, and your way of life.

I do not understand why The Alliance of Good Eldians are being propped up in the story as some sort of heroes when to me, personally, they appear to be the biggest fools.

Why are they so intent on dying for a cause that no longer has anything to do with them? Just so that they can be heroes? Helos?

Because apparently they are now “crazy” with “screws loose” like the rest of the Survey Corps? Who The Alliance went against and slaughtered when they broke off into the Yeagerist faction to support Eren, the island, and preserve their way of life.

But, enough about this. Attack on Titan the Final Season has premiered. I have the episode queued up right now to watch after I finish typing.

(Wow. I am so low energy after reading this chapter that I don’t even feel like searching for and adding the manga panel parallels from past chapters as I usually do for these reviews. If I feel better in the morning, I’ll just make an edit and do so.)

I am legit going to block this manga chapter from my mind, and forget it exists until I have to remember it again for next month’s review.

But, tell me your thoughts.

Do you think The Alliance of Good Eldians actions are futile? How do you feel about the jaw titan being able to fly? Are Pieck, Zeke, and Armin still alive?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for Attack on Titan The Final Season weekly anime reviews.

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4 thoughts on “The Eldian Alliance: Infinity Wars – Shingeki no Kyojin Ch 135 Review”

  1. I have basically the same feelings as you when I was reading this chapter. I mean, it’s not that I don’t care about everything that’s happening right now, it’s just that everytime I see the Alliance, I hope they die. And it sucks that I’m feeling like this, but just like you, I can’t really understand what they are doing.
    Do they really believe that the world will forgive the Eldians if they stop the Rumbling? Because the only way to stop Eren is by killing him, he said it himself. Because even if they stop Eren, the only way to keep a peace with the world if that’s still possible, it’s with the threat of activating the Rumbling again, and I don’t think anyone else has the guts to do what Eren did.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To be honest, I am secretly hoping that if there is a way to stop Eren (or if Eren lets them think they have won) they will go over to the surviving Marley troops for a talk. While shaking their hands, the Marley soilders will shoot and kill them, and Armin’s last words can be “wait, can’t we just talk?” or something to that effect.

      I know that’s dark, but I want The Alliance, especially the Paradis forces, to suffer for what they’ve done. Or atleast pay consequences.


    2. the only thing on my tought about them, they are selfish want to doing something like this even they know their motherland at stake because maybe they realize well if our motherland perish we will not suffer from consequences. probabaly they will life like willy tybur the great honorable eldian that life at luxury because he sell his own kind. for his own safety and his familiy. the more i see alliance team aka armin team . the more i convinced they became close to be next willy tybur.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. i just disaspointed with one reason in this chapter. it’s falco flying titan. i just think this is something so random that created out of nowhere and no more than plot armor. i mean it’s ok for him can fly but to think he doing that suddenly without struggle is just make scene bit unrealistic to me. yo even bird need how to learn to use their wing before they can fly. they cant just fly right there right now but falco doing that without any effort just make me dumbfounded and laugh at same time.

    Liked by 1 person

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