Midnight Descends on Marley – Attack on Titan S4 Ep 2 Review

This is a review of episode two of Attack on Titan Season 4, the Final Season. Titled “Midnight Train”.

Check out last week’s episode review here.

So after watching the season premiere, I went on YouTube and watched some reviewers’ reactions.

Most of them were anime-only.

Which is fine, I loved seeing the raw emotion on their faces. It was even better when a stoic manga reader was seated on either side, a thin-lipped grimace on their face. I’d imagine I had the same look while watching.

The general consensus of those individuals’ videos, along with their comment section seemed to chime one thing:

“Where’s Eren?”

Then there were a few manga readers who came through and calmly told them – “you are not ready for Eren”.

Why? Because you are not ready for Eren.

Eren started this story.

Yes, Isayama-sensei wrote it. Yes, Mappa is producing it this season. But, only Eren knows how it ends.

And Eren Yeager does not come when called. Eren Yeager only shows up when he deems his presence necessary. Otherwise, he is not around.

Some of you might think I’m being funny, but I am being completely serious.

Eren controls this. Not Isayama, not Mappa, not the publishers, fans, etc.

This is his story, and we are only watching it.

(Although…Eren did appear in this episode. Twice, even.)

And with that out of the way, let’s dive into episode two! ☺

So if you noticed, all of the characters chose their words very wisely this episode. I myself am sitting here trying to choose my words wisely as well, least I spoil the entire series for you.

A lot of plans were being set in motion this episode.

It may have seemed like just a boring set up for events yet to come – but a lot actually happened. The manga readers probably noticed, but for you anime-onlys – please pay attention to:

The conversation between the Marleyan officials at the beginning.

Zeke Yeager’s proposal to attack Paradis Island with only one year left in his life.

Zeke telling Colt Grice that when he inherits the beast titan, he may find out his secret through PATHs.

Porco (Marcel’s little brother and the one Ymir ate) calling Reiner out for his behavior during his time in Paradis.

Reiner’s speech to Falco.


Gabi quietly asking “they weren’t all bad people?” while Reiner’s mother looks pissed that he’s implying something other than the Marleyan doctrine.

Or, that his mind has snapped.

Either or, really.

I could also add Falco’s kindness here, but we’ll leave that alone for now. The next few episodes should explain where that storyline is going…

Falco helps another wounded mystery soldier. So delirious, he was wearing his armband on the wrong side...Attack on Titan the Final Season Episode 2
Falco helps another wounded soldier. So delirious, he was wearing his armband on the wrong side…Attack on Titan the Final Season Episode 2

But for now, I wanted to talk about Reiner Braun’s mental state. Which you probably noticed, is in shambles. And unfortunately for him, it only gets worse from here…

Which is really a shame, since Reiner is actually a really good dude.

He’s just been continually dealt a very bad hand in life.

Yes, I know he did what he did a few seasons ago but really…what choice did he have?

The Eldians are spied on, even in their private time.

Reiner’s ‘education’ of Falco (parallel to Grisha’s father after his sister Faye died) clearly shows that he does not want this life for his little cousin, Gabi.  Also, I don’t remember reading that the initial warrior crew were that much older than those on Paradis.

Maybe I just forgot – it has been a while.

Hmm, what else can I talk about…maybe Porco.

Porco is Marcel’s younger brother. Back in…I want to say season one, we were shown the (infamous) Marcel being eaten by a titan flashback. Then I think again when Ymir’s origin story was revealed.

In this episode, Porco mentioned that he cannot see his older brother’s memories – just Ymir’s.

Based on the way Reiner portrayed himself in those memories, Porco dislikes him. This is on top of the resentment he already held for Reiner, as Porco blames him for Marcel’s death.

(Which is why Reiner was so surprised Porco saved him in the first episode when he was about to die.)

If you go back and re-watch past seasons, during one of Reiner’s (many) breakdowns he admits that he just wanted to be like a ‘big brother’ to everyone. This is the line Porco also hits him with.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but why would Reiner want to act as an older brother figure to his fellow cadets on Paradis?

Look at his life in Liberio, think about what his mother said about him, and just keep that question in the back of your mind for the remainder of the season, if you can.

And with that, I think I am going to end it here.

♫ I always feel like somebody's watching me ♫ ... Attack on Titan the Final Season Episode 2
♫ I always feel like somebody’s watching me ♫ … Attack on Titan the Final Season Episode 2

What was the best thing about Attack on Titan the Final season episode two for you?

For me, it was definitely Pieck! She is cute, such a sweetheart, and the chillest Eldian soldier in Marley.

Are you starting to change your mind about the Warrior Candidates from Marley?


What was up with that mysterious wounded soldier? 😌

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Attack on Titan The Final Season weekly anime reviews.

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