The Shield of Marley – Attack on Titan S4 Ep 3 Review

This is a review of Episode Three of Attack on Titan Season 4, the Final Season. Titled “The Door of Hope”.

Poor Reiner.

He can never quite catch a break, can he?

Check out last week’s episode review here.

Also, apologies for this review being a bit late. I’m actually writing it now on our Good Attack on Titan Sunday. The new episode is scheduled to come out in about an hour.

It seems we’ll be left on a cruel cliffhanger, since there might not be an episode next Sunday because of the New Year.

Any who, I don’t have much to say about Reiner’s backstory.

As most of you know, I’ve already read the manga (which only has 4 – 5 chapters left).

Although the anime does embellish and switch up certain things, core moments are (for the most part) left the same. I can’t help but feel like in the case of Reiner’s cousin Gabi though, Isayama-sensei and MAPPA have intentionally hyped up her character even more than in the manga.

You guys are truly in for a world of pain these next few episodes…haha.

I guess one thing I did want to bring up with the Reiner backstory sequences and flashbacks though, was when Marley gave the children their titans.

The person narrating that Zeke has ‘a special secret’ in his bloodline…manga-readers, was that Xaver saying that?

(Especially since Zeke is wearing the glasses during his first mission as the Beast Titan?)

Then we got the whole reveal behind Berthold, Reiner, and Annie’s backstory: they stole the hanged man’s story as their tragic cover to infiltrate the walls. It’s really a kicker that the children the hanged man left behind were around their age.

Maybe that’s why Bertholdt had nightmares every night about that – because they lied.

Of course, no one knew that. They just wanted to make fun of the poses he made in his sleep.


This show has so many layers, it’s insane to look back at.

Like for instance, it might not mean much to a lot of you – but notice how Zeke threw the apple to Marcel to eat. Marcel took a bite, then threw it to Porco.

Porco takes a bite, and is about to throw it at Reiner, who then knocks it out of his hand.

I didn’t see Zeke take it, but there was already a bite when he got it? Maybe this is due to Zeke’s ideology, which will be explored later on in the series…a metaphor if you will.

Why Did Marcel Apologize To Reiner?

Porco, Marcel, and Zeke(?) take a bite of the forbidden fruit
Porco, Marcel, and Zeke (?) take a bite of the forbidden fruit…

Carrying on with the theme of Big Brothers trying (and failing) to save their Little Brothers (or sister), we have Marcel’s apology to Reiner over why he really inherited the Armored titan.

Apparently, Reiner was never supposed to become a warrior. Marcel talked Reiner up in order to save his little brother Porco from their fate of living as Eldians in Marley. Marcel then sacrificed himself after his apology in an attempt to atone for what he did to Reiner.

Just thinking, our tally so far for siblings sacrificing themselves for one another is:

Freida and Historia

Grisha and Faye

Marcel and Porco

And maybe two or three others I won’t discuss just yet.

Then there was that really interesting scene with Annie.

I watched the previous anime seasons over before season four premiered, but I still can’t remember if Annie’s backstory was discussed just yet. Even so, I’ll bring this back up in a few weeks when we get to it.

Hmph. Who are these three miserable little kids across from our heroes Annie, Bertholdt and Reiner? Attack on Titan the Final Season Episode 3
Hmph. Who are these three miserable little kids across from our heroes Annie, Bertholdt and Reiner? Attack on Titan the Final Season Episode 3

All I want to mention for now, is that it was very interesting Annie broke that brick while talking to Kenny Ackerman – who is not her birth father.

And Annie did squash that bug before, only we were shown it in a flashback. Maybe during Season 2?

All in all, great episode. Really looking forward to the next one. I’ve been browsing Reddit in-between writing this and cooking dinner (I eat early) and it seems that from the raws – it’s going to be a nice slice of life episode.

Leaving us off on a cliff hanger until next years’ time.

But, tell me your thoughts.

Falco and Eren sit beneath a tree with many branches, or PATHs...Attack on Titan the Final Season Episode 3
Falco and Eren sit beneath a tree with many branches, or PATHs…Attack on Titan the Final Season Episode 3

Do you like Reiner Braun more as a character now that you know his backstory? Are you warming up to our Eldian-Marleyan Warrior Candidates?

Given Reiner’s mental state and illness…if he is Marley’s sworn shield, then what does this mean for the fate of Marley itself in the near future?


What exactly is Zeke Yeager’s secret technique for wiping his ass?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Attack on Titan The Final Season weekly anime reviews.

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