Festivities Before the Theatre – Attack on Titan S4 Ep 4 Review

This is a review of Episode Four of Attack on Titan Season 4, the Final Season. Titled “ From One Hand to Another”.

“Yo, Reiner. It’s been four years.”

Wooo, how about that after credits cliff hanger?

So next time – we get the basement scene, the declaration of war, and just maybe…Marley might have a grim reminder of their own?

Who knows. Haha

Check out last week’s episode review here.

Ugh, Mappa is really killing me though with this cliffhanger. And the two-week wait for episode 5.

It’s going to be torture, but I’ve waited this long. I think I’m actually going to re-read the manga next week in anticipation for the reintroduction of my favorite character in the series.

There’s something I’ve been thinking about writing for a while, and I might as well now that he’s about to show up in the next two episodes or so, and cause major waves in the story.

A lot of the fandom will hate him for his actions as well, so I gotta defend my boy ☺

The anime is doing a wonderful job at adapting this manga series. Shout out to Mappa, and of course Isayama-sensei for leading this wonderful story.

Eren’s wonderful story.

And that festival in Liberio, oh – it looked like so much fun.

I hope the kids had fun, as they are never going to see this much enjoyment in Eren’s story again. Haha.

Seriously, they are in for such a bad time next episode. Such a bad time.

So bad, that all I can do is laugh. Haha.

Speaking of jokes, I really enjoyed Kiyomi’s introduction scene. Kiyomi was the woman in the kimono that Gabi said was from Hizuru.

Oh look, Kiyomi from Hizuru has arrived on the scene. Attack on Titan the Final Season Episode 4
Oh look, Kiyomi from Hizuru has arrived on the scene. Attack on Titan the Final Season Episode 4

If you’ll notice, the clan crest on her back is the same as the tattoo on Mikasa’s arm.  

Hmm, I wonder what the connection could be?

Going even further along the line of those that appear to sympathize with Eldian’s, we didn’t get much Zeke this episode. Only that after credits scene, where he told Colt that Falco and Reiner had time to walk away without even really checking his watch.

He even over exaggerated his movements a bit, the big joker.  

Zeke is such a funny guy. He’s so smart, that you always have to account for 1 or 2 miscalculations with every mission (or plan) he is involved with.

All jokes aside, let’s talk about these extra anime scenes.

If I remember correctly, Willy Tybur and Magath initially met in a carriage. Willy didn’t arrive with his whole entourage, (the very unassuming War Hammer Titan included) and talk to Magath about the Hallow statue of Helos. I also don’t remember it being so spelled out that the Tybur family were secretly running Marley.

Saint Michael slaying the Dragon. No, wait - St. George Slaying the Dragon. No, wait- Helos Slaying the Devil of All Earth. (who still might be a dragon) Attack on Titan the Final Season Episode 4
Saint Michael Slaying the Dragon. No, wait- St. George Slaying the Dragon. No, wait- Helos Slaying the Devil of All Earth. (who still might be a dragon) – Attack on Titan the Final Season Episode 4

Why are Eldians running Marley, you ask?

Let’s just say there are many secrets that could bring the foundation of Marley to a crumble. Secrets that may be revealed next time in a declaration of war.

Along with a rat, who has been detected.

Who has never been shown to have an interest in baseball until now…

But, I should end it here. Before I spoil the whole damn series for you, haha.

So, what were your thoughts for Attack on Titan the Final Season episode 4?

I usually don’t do this, but I felt like this episode really warranted having the entire title thrown out there. It was just that good.

Was Eren tormenting his grandfather on purpose?

Do you think Falco is making any headway towards inheriting the Armored Titan away from Gabi?

Why did Reiner’s wallet have the most violent death of AoT?

The Warriors enjoying their last moments of happiness... Attack on Titan the Final Season Episode 4
The warriors enjoying their last moments of happiness…Attack on Titan the Final Season Episode 4

(Seriously, it was just the kids in the manga who did. Adding Pieck and Porco makes that scene even warmer! ☺)

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