Exit Stage Left – Attack on Titan S4 Ep 7 Review

This is a review of Episode Seven of Attack on Titan Season 4, the Final Season. Titled “Assault”.

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Thank you, one and all, for coming to the Paradis Island Players’ one and only “Assault” production in Marley! Will the players please exit stage left by way of airship. 

No, not you Marleyans – please stay buried under the rubble. The show’s almost over – wouldn’t want any more awkward encounters now, would we?  

Although, if you ask me… I’d say that the Paradis Island Players absolutely killed it in the improv department in this one, am I right? 

“Eren Yeager…is not my enemy!” 

What a fourth wall break! 

I must say, the Beast Titan (played by Zeke Yeager) entrance this episode absolutely had me on the edge of my seat! The way that hairy fool just moseyed onto the battlefield, arms gently flopping in the stagnant wind of titan smoke – you’d think he were frolicking in a field of flowers!  

Absolutely stunner performance by Captain Levi Ackerman; who is afraid to show those pearly whites, but did let the audience have a little smirk before the scene commenced. 

 (He used to be popular with the ladies, you know.) 

Then the commencement of duel opposing sides declaring war upon the other faction… it was like watching a classic episode of Tom and Jerry. The subtlety, the nuance of it all! 

I think this was the only time Attack on Titan went back to the now-abandoned Shonen genre this season.  What a play by Levi. Outstanding! 

Moving on to check in with Pieck-chan and the Panzer Squad…oh no, it does seem like she’s on to our Golden Boy Zeke. What’s a monke to do? 

Pieck is on to you, Zeke. Attack on Titan the Final Season episode 7
Pieck is on to you, Zeke. Attack on Titan the Final Season Episode 7

The factions continue their farce, until a new player enters the stage… 

It turns out the Colossal Titan Armin Arlert took the scenic route to Marley.  

He caught some fish, surfed the waves, and then decided to obliterate Marley’s navy.  

Oh, that joker.  

He even decided to exit his titan in soliloquy, lamenting on the horrors of war before shimmying his way back to the safety of the airship. Armin really does say the darndest things. 

There, in the safety net of the heavens, we found Commander Hanje, and Onyankopon – the coolest pilot you’ll ever meet. 

With the curtain quickly closing, the ensemble takes one final bow. 

Our jaw titan is an arrogant little thing, forgetting this is Eren’s story and trying to steal the spotlight for himself.  

Porco even forgot that he was on an active battlefield, and decides to just start monologuing about being a hero or something. What did he think this was, an anime?  

Of course, Mikasa makes her last move and tells him to break a leg. Or two. 

Eren’s last stand is apparent, as he proceeds to thrash our little buddy and drum up a never-before-seen rendition of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker.  

The audience went absolutely wild! Never before had they seen such raw passion put into a performance. 

Ms. Lara Tybur was shocked by Eren’s freedom to authentically express himself on the stage. So shocked, she fell to pieces. 

Poor thing. It’s always hard being upstaged, but that is simply theatre, baby! 


Okay, so this was either funny, or super cringy to read.  

After watching the episode yesterday, I was super bummed out over what’s to come. ‘Assassin’s Bullet’ is really going to divide both the fandom and the characters in this story.  

I really thought I was ready to handle it, but it looks like I was wrong.  

That’s why I decided to make the review sort of like a commentary or critic of a theatre play – because that’s literally what this episode was – high theatre. Haha ☺ 

I simply could not take anything or anyone serious. Especially Porco. It’s almost comical how predictable he is due to his arrogance. Even Mikasa banked on it, and it paid off.  

Eren got the War Hammer, and Porco got emotionally scared. Not to mention, he did try to fight off his newly acquired Ackerman PTSD during a conversation with Pieck, but clearly it wasn’t enough. 

My only gripe is that we didn’t get to see pretty boy Reiner.  

Pretty Boy Reiner. Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 104
Pretty Boy Reiner. Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 104

In the manga, Reiner’s partial plot armor titan transformation was actually really good looking. It was the first time I found Reiner handsome, haha.  

Shame his face was slightly covered in armor here. 

Oh well. 

Next week is going to wreck me.  

But, we will be formally introduced to my favorite female of the new characters – so that’s exciting. Then the week after should be my (new) favorite male character.  

And it’s going to be great to see chapters 109 and 111 from the manga adapted, as they are my all-time favs. 

So, bad things, but also good things. 

Beauty in the pain. 

Anyway, this was probably a very weird review. It’s about 11:07 pm at the time of writing this and I’m just going to let the weirdness rock. I’m not going to even overthink this.  

One proofread and I’m uploading – I’ll experience the secondhand cringe if need be in the morning. 

Who was your favorite Paradis Island Player in this episode? Is Zeke Yeager a traitor to Marley?

Will Eren inherit all the titans and succeed in catching ‘em all?   

Was Carlo Pieck's biggest fan? Attack on Titan the Final Season Episode 66
Was Carlo Pieck’s biggest fan? Attack on Titan the Final Season Episode 66

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