It Was THAT Easy? – Log Horizon Entaku Houkai Episode 7 Review

This is a review for Episode 7 of Log Horizon Season 3: Destruction of the Round Table.

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Krusty really defeated the genius and lifted his curse through the power of friendship and reading the terms and agreements of a contract. 

I don’t know if I find that hilarious, or a highly logical conclusion to his China arc. 

“When things go past the breaking point, rules change” as Shiroe says in the outro. 

All strategies that can be applied to real-life, as well. 

In all honesty though…I’m ready to be done with China. Or rather, the Zhongyuan servers.  

I never quite cared for Krusty, but admittedly he’s grown on me. The little backstory on why Krusty doesn’t mind getting rid of his memories was a nice touch, as well.  

Especially since it was confirmed this episode he was tossing memories of his ‘useless’ real-world life, in favor of a powerup to his character’s avatar.  

I wish Krusty, Kanami and crew would come back to Yamato already, even Princess Rayneshia is anxious, haha. 

So, I don’t know if it just wasn’t clear, or maybe I didn’t understand it correctly but basically the Adventurers can get their memories back? Or was that only the case with Krusty being put under the Soul Darkness Curse after refusing Bucaphi on Kunlun? 

Which speaking of Bucaphi…I know you all are probably tired of me doing this now, but the Queen of the West kind of reminds me of this monster I read about in a codex yesterday. 

If I remember correctly, it’s one of the lords of the underworld – tzitzimitl.  

Other sources call it a demon.  

Bucaphi and the Aztec tzitzimitl together. Taken from Log Horizon Season 3 and the Codex Magliabechiano, respectively.
Bucaphi and the Aztec tzitzimitl together. Taken from Log Horizon Season 3 and the Codex Magliabechiano, respectively.

As for Bucaphi’s clothing, it could be a callback or reference to the jaguar warriors of South America. But, don’t take this too seriously – I’m kind of just mentioning this on the fly. 

I haven’t done any real research into this yet, just wanted to mention the similarity I noticed. 

Anywho, this is in the 16th century Aztec Codex Magliabechiano if anyone is interested.  There’s a full body pictorial depiction on page 154. 

Then the rest of the episode covered frogman Leonardo and Eli-Eli having a fight and talking about their feelings and masculinity, or something.  After Elias realized he just had to believe in the heart of the cards, the Fairy Curse was lifted. 

Then the Zhongyuan server squad found and took down the secret legendary pokemon Entei west of Violet City in a cave. 


The power of friendship prevails yet again! 

Haha. Seriously, what is this show? 

(I’m really enjoying it though. Glad it’s back. ☺) 

I love Frogman Leonardo's costume. A true Ninja Turtle, haha. Log Horizon Season 3
I love Frogman Leonardo’s costume. A true Ninja Turtle, haha! Log Horizon Season 3.

What do you think will happen now that Krusty told Shiroe that the People of the Land can change the games rules in the form of a convoluted theatre play? Why did Misa’s arm become the wolf guardian that helped Krusty in China? Do you think Bucaphi resembles tzitzimitl from Aztec legend? 

(And why did Bucaphi want Krusty’s body, anyway? He’s not the only megane wearing adventurer running around Yamato.) 

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