Lingering Feelings in Akiba – Log Horizon Entaku Houkai Episode 8 Review

This is a review for Episode 8 of Log Horizon Season 3: Destruction of the Round Table.

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Hmm I don’t know about this one, I’m kind of with Tetora at this point. 

I know Elder Tale was strictly still just a game back then, but that is super annoying. 

Especially when an NPC is programmed that recklessly that they couldn’t even fulfill a mission once all of the prerequisites were completed…why would you want those two hanging around your guild? 

Plus, they eat way too much. 

I know they have been in a 50-year hibernation, but still, that is way too much.  

Maybe there’s a reason why their cave was sealed early on – the devs realized creating them was a mistake. 

Sorry if that sounds harsh. Every single game-breaking moment I’ve encountered just came back in an awful flashback while writing this.  

Especially with Kingdom Come: Deliverance.  

Like I loved that game (and still do) but early on it was so disheartening to have put hours into quests and genral map exploration just for it to have an error and lose all of my progress. 

Anyway, the useless Izumo sisters aside – I highly enjoyed this episode. 

It was a nice slice of life tone that almost made me think it was filler until towards the middle. I’m also glad we are getting more screentime with Naotsugu, Tetora, Minori, and Akatsuki – Shiroe bonding time. 

Shiroe actually relaxing for a change and being comfortable around Akatsuki was really nice to hear. 

I just wish she’d make a move on him. But as Akatsuki mentions this episode, Shiroe’s “happiness is just enough” for her.  

I mean…it could be more though, haha. 

Which speaking of relationships… 

Why is there always so much weirdness surrounding Kanami and Shiroe’s relationship? 

I can understand him not opening up to many people, but was Kanami really that special to him? 

I hope we find that out soon. 

And regarding Shiroe and Akatsuki, she obvious has feelings for him.  

Whether she just likes him or if it’s something more…maybe they’d work well together in the real world after they get out of Elder Tale?  

Who knows. 

All I know is that I like their relationship together, even if it is friendship. 

Not sure why next week Minori has to spend time with Shiroe in an attempt at a date. I can understand her admiration, but he’s a bit older than her.  

Luckily, I know there will be nothing creepy going on there. 

Anyway, I’m going to wrap this up for now. The sun is almost setting and I want to plant some seeds outside. I know the weather is unstable, but I have a good feeling about this. Besides, I miss my fresh salad and veggies. ☹ 

Anyone else think the ancient Mofur sisters are far too greedy? Log Horizon Season 3 Episode 8
Anyone else think the ancient Mofur sisters are far too greedy? Log Horizon Season 3 Episode 8

How do you feel about Naotsugu and Tetora being sidelined for most of season 3? Are the Wolf Clan Ancients Leila and Litka Mofur completely useless? What do you think really happened to the Izumo Knights? 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Log Horizon Season 3 Reviews! 

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