Homicide in the Courtroom – Law School Kdrama Ep 1 Review

This is a First Impressions review for Episode 1 of the Netflix Kdrama series Law School – Starring Actor Kim Bum.

Wow, this was a banger premiere for a new series! 

I was on the edge of my seat the whole entire time!

(mainly because they were using a lot of legal jargon, and I momentarily had no clue what was going on so leaned closer to the tv like that would help me – haha ☺) 

Law School Kdrama Episode 1 Review and Recap

Seriously though, I truly don’t think Prosecutor/Professor Yang Jong Hoon did it. 

"The Sword of Justice is swift and sharp" - Law School kdrama Episode 1
“The Sword of Justice is swift and sharp” – Law School kdrama Episode 1

I do believe that he shoved the meth and sugar drug mixture down Prof. Seo Byeong Joo’s throat, however. Most likely to just scare him a bit, or even threaten him. 

I mean, we were introduced to Professor Seo holding that iced coffee cup from the campus café. He tried to give it to Prosecutor Yang in the opening of the show. We then learned that Prof. Yang didn’t drink it (obviously) because he does not trust that man, and the two have a past. 

Judging by the framing of the shot while they were speaking, it seems that justice was not on Professor Seo’s side, anyways. 

Professor Kim Eun Sook’s Backstory

Which by the way, I’m already loving how this show is pointing out how BS little loopholes in the law can be. I really enjoyed seeing some of Professor Kim Eun Sook’s backstory, and why she quit being a judge. 

Her bubbly personality is a great change of pace as well, since my first introduction to this actress was as the serial killing and psychopathic matriarch in Strangers From Hell

So, I’m guessing one of her students that accompanied her to the hospital and tried to strangle criminal and pedophile Lee Man Ho was a doctor? Or at least, studied to be one? Since when the story skipped back to the present, during the meeting after Prof. Seo’s death we can see a baby girl as Prof. Kim’s lock screen.  

Seo Ji Ho Wants Revenge

Then we have our studious boy Seo Ji Ho portrayed by David Lee, who also played Revenge King Lee Ho Jin in Itaewon Class. And of course, the lovely Kim Bum who played the infamous playboy chaebol with a golden heart, So Yi Jung.  

Say what you will about Boys Over Flowers, but it was the series that first got me into kdrama and Kim Bum was my instant fave. I’ve waited so long to see him as a strong male lead, and can’t wait to watch him carry this season for the next 15 episodes! 

So all in all, pretty solid first episode of the Law School drama series! 

Loved the settings, the atmosphere, and the prestige that exuded from Hankuk University! Especially the mock courtroom scenes, as it has always interested me how they can get so intense.

I remember in high school I watched the debate team and couldn’t tell if they were acting, or really just passionate about those things that the flow came naturally.  

It was the same here. I know I’m watching a tv show and actors portraying a case, but with such good acting and authentic settings, it’s easy to forget. 

Anyway, I’m going to leave this one here. I’ll be reviewing tomorrow’s episode as well, and then we’ll take it from there to see if I decide to pick up the series for the blog. 

But, tell me your thoughts. 

Do you think Han Joon Hwi is a bit shady? I mean after all, he was staring at Professor Seo and noticed he looked unwell just before his death. 

Did the students implicated in Professor Seo’s death all team up in a plot to take him down a la the American crime series How to Get Away with Murder

Why on earth is a convicted pedophile like Lee Man Ho allowed to take leisurely strolls to the workplace of the former judge who convicted him, and the man who prosecuted him?  

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Netflix Law School Kdrama Reviews and Recaps! 

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