Everybody is a Suspect – Law School Ep 2-4 Review

This is a review for Episodes 2-4 of the Netflix Kdrama series Law School – Starring Actor Kim Bum.

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I knew Professor Yang didn’t do it. 

Even if I had any doubts, the fact that he was wide awake for at least two nights while in jail lets me know that he was innocent.  

I once heard that if someone is brought in as a suspected criminal and they fall asleep without a care in the world, it’s their guilty conscience finally being at ease. 

But on the flip side if they stay awake all night thinking – then it wasn’t them. 

I know this could go both ways but in reality, Yangcrates is just too damn smart to slip up if he really did murder Prof. Seo Byeong Joo. 

I’d like to give Han Joon Hwi the same benefit of the doubt, but man is this guy shady.  

Although I wasn’t really feeling Seo Ji Ho being a creep and having a folder dedicated to both Joon Hwi and his uncle, I can kind of understand his apprehension. Coupled with the fact that they are roommates, maybe Ji Ho is seeing the side of Joon Hwi we have yet to witness? 

But man…what game is he playing? 

Did Joon Hwi do some sort of jedi mind trickery on convicted rapist and pedophile Lee Man Ho to get him to donate his blood and save Yangcrates? Because the end of episode 4 seemed to hint at that, but at the same time…did he really want him to be saved? 

There’s also…whatever that was at the police station.  

I remember they mentioned that Joon Hwi took the police academy exam, so that would explain his smart-ass answers but…why on earth is he suddenly pretending that he did that to protect Professor Yang?  

When we know that he was going to let him die (especially if that supposed gamble with Man Ho didn’t work and dude just dropped dead).  

Maybe I missed it, but was Kang Sol A implying that her little sister also had that rare blood type, and could donate to Yangcrates before the pedophile did? 

It’s kind of insane that both an ACE prosecutor and child rapist have the same blood type. I’m not sure if this is implying that those two individuals could have gone both ways, but I know that in East Asia blood type is often attributed to personality traits

Speaking of personality…what the heck is up with Kang Sol B? 

(And why did the former med student ((forgot his name)) have Kang Sol A’s laptop if they have to turn them in after classes?) 

So I get it – overbearing parent she wants to avoid.  

I’ve heard that is sometimes an issue for Asian students whose parents think grades are everything. Again – I am not Asian and don’t mean to presume things if I’m wrong – but I’ve often heard that frustration voiced often both in real life and on tv. 

With regards to that, I can understand Kang Sol B’s…attachment…to Joon Hwi. And her hesitancy to put any sort of blame on him for his dear uncle’s murder during Yangcrates classroom assignment.  

I wonder just how far ahead Yangcrates is in this chess game of a murder mystery? 

First, we have the mock trial case regarding a poisoning related to drugs, then Joon Hwi’s petition as a question on the exam. The ongoing case between Prof. Yangcrates and Joon Hwi, and even that domestic violence webtoon looking case which could be related to Jeon Ye Seul and her boyfriend? 

Ye Seul had a bruised arm in Episode 1, and the shady guy who was friends with Joon Hwi’s dear uncle mentioned that he gave a commencement speech for a school his own son couldn’t get into…so is Ye Seul his son’s girlfriend?  

It would make sense if the young man took after his father and thought he was untouchable because of who he is. 

Also…I know I totally skipped over finishing my spiel on Kang Sol B.  

Mainly because…there is nothing else to say about her at the moment haha. I believe she plagiarized her thesis paper because of the way her mom is, and is ashamed – which is why she wouldn’t let the other law students read it. 

Hmm who else is left…I guess we can talk about Kang Sol A?  

Who…got an A on her exam! Despite not finishing on time, and turning in a ripped answer sheet, haha. 

I like her. 

I know some people don’t, but I think she’s crafty.  

If she wasn’t smart, she wouldn’t be at the top law school in South Korea. I also think that one day (like Dean Oh Jeong Hee alluded to) she will make a great judge!  

That’s most likely why Kang Sol A was chosen to preside as a judge over the mock trials by Yangcrates. Might also help that Kang Sol A seems to be Professor Yang’s favorite, but the girl has a lot of potential. 

(Just thinking – does Joon Hwi being guilty, but acquitted in the mock trial, and then being acquitted of suspicion but admitting he “killed” his uncle to Kang Sol B mean something?) 

Even Kang Sol A’s little sister Byeol is a smart cookie. Or at least, smarter than her mother for publicly criticizing and spitting at a convicted child rapist and pedophiles apartment while frequently leaving her small child at home unattended without curtains or blinds on her windows. 

I mean really – I get that they are ‘poor’ but you couldn’t find some blinds to protect your child’s privacy? 

(Also Kang Sol A is gonna have to get that phone fixed or start carrying around a wireless charger. I can already foresee that being a problem. Her little sister needs to be able to reach her at all times with a rapist living next door.) 

And where is the other ‘twin’ sister at? 

And who is this fabled ‘Dan’ they keep mentioning?  

The sisters mentioned him, and Prof. Yang mentioned him to Prosecutor Jin Hyeong Woo as well. Kang Sol A was trying to sell his old law books years ago, so is he dead?  

Did Dan quit like Yangcrates and Kim Eun Sook after a certain case decision went wrong? 

Why is everyone getting shadier and shadier each episode due to concealing information when it could all be boiled down to quaint misunderstandings? 

And why does Corporate Yes Man Jang Joo Man have Yangcrates missing laptop? 

Did anybody else love this scene? I'm really enjoying the friendship between Jeon Ye Seul and Kang Sol A. Netflix Law School Episode 4.
Did anybody else love this scene? I’m really enjoying the friendship between Jeon Ye Seul and Kang Sol A. Netflix Law School Episode 4.

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