Spicy Delinquents in Training – Tokyo Revengers Ep 2-3 Review

This is a review for Episode two and three of the Tokyo卍Revengers anime.

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Ah, okay. I’m starting to see now how Hinata could have still died in the other timeline.  

Even with a warning from her little bro Naoto. 

She’s a very headstrong young woman. Which isn’t bad at all – but as Mikey said…you can’t do that sort of thing to the wrong person. 

Wow though, I was completely prepared not to like Mikey but he seems to be the coolest guy in this anime series so far! Haha. Nice to see that Draken has his back as well. And that it’s not just some weird boss-subordinate relationship, the two actually seem like friends. 

At first, I thought Takemitchy somehow ended up killing Hinata by driving the truck into the festival in the original timeline but now after seeing Kisaki…he probably did it. 

Kisaki seems like bad news. He’s flashy and looks like a show off, while Mikey seems humble despite having a serious case of dead anime eyes.  

Are all of these kids supposed to be in the same grade? And where are their parents? 

I know Mikey said that biker gangs used to run rampant in that area…but was the sensei really afraid of two kids? So much so that he let his student just waltz out of class? 

Either way, I’m glad Takemitchy didn’t punk out and jump back to the present. 

He stood up to that worthless bully Kiyomizu, and inadvertently met Mikey because of it. Really glad that aforementioned loser lost all credibility when he wouldn’t fight Takemitchy mano e mano, and instead asked for his bat. 

It’s also great that Takemitchy is realizing that his friends weren’t complete and utter losers, but just good people put in a bad situation.  

Akkun really was going to stab Kiyomizu and catch a case for his friend. If that’s not the power of friendship mixed with the springtime of youth, then I don’t know what is.  

Haha man, that was cringy. But…it’s 12 am…so I’m going to let it rock and regret it during the reread in the morning. 

This anime series is exciting. 

I’m digging the ost and time travel mechanics.  

I was fully expecting the 12-year time leap back to not work, and Takemitchy and Naoto would just be standing there in his room looking stupidly at each other for another episode or two.  

Glad it worked out in the end, even though Takemitchy said something strange about remembering Mikey? Unless…I just interpreted that wrong. 

Anyways, what did you think of this episode? 

Bikes by the wayside. Tokyo Revengers Episode 3
Bikes by the wayside. Tokyo Revengers Episode 3

How do you think Tachibana Hinata really died? Was she too head-strong with the wrong person? Or did a Toman gang member kill her in revenge? 

Does Tachibana Naoto remember the past, and have a time leap ability as well? 

Why is Mikey Sano the embodiment of a sunflower with dead anime eyes? 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, we’d love to hear from you! Also be sure to follow us for more Tokyo卍Revengers reviews during the spring anime season! 

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