The Red Ogre Who Cried – Re: Zero S1 Episode 4 Rewatch

his is a review and rewatch of the Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World anime series. Covering Season one Episode four (Director’s Cut Edition).

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Man, I just don’t understand Subaru Natsuki. 

I get that he was an otaku/ hikikomori (shut-in) with little to no friends or contacts in the real world except his parents but I mean…really?   

Why was he so sure that Rem and Ram were holding his hands? It had to just be because he needed to psych himself up to commit suicide, right? Because did Rem not tell him during the whole killing in the forest clearing thing that her sister didn’t even really like him? And that she was just being insincere to make him feel better? 

Why does Subaru like these people so much? That he’d risk his life (and mental health) to continually save them? Is the Emilia camp and Roswaal faction Lugnica’s only residents?  

(I’m asking a rhetorical question here, but you get my drift.) 

Also, does the Witch of Envy Satella have control over time and space?  

I know later on in the series it’s implied (or at least suggested) that there are multiple universes (or at least parallel ones). Betty even says something cryptic like “you cannot stay in this domain” or something like that to Subaru once things go to hell in this one.  

Are Subaru’s experiences some sort of time-loop that has already been pre-determined, despite the Return by Death power granted by Satella?  And why wouldn’t Ram elaborate more about the Witch from the storybook? 

The Divine Dragon of Lugnica, Volcanica in a children's story book. Re Zero Ep 4
The Divine Dragon of Lugnica, Volcanica in a children’s story book. Re Zero Ep 4

I know the twins feel a certain way about the Witch and her cultists, but why elaborate on the dragon, instead? And it’s funny that those are the two tales that stuck out the most to Subaru. 

I really enjoyed the ‘Red Ogre Who Cried’ story.  

We got a shot of Ram with a parallel to the Red Ogre (or well, Subaru’s tea spoon with a reddish gem). I know that based on their hair and personalities alone, the twins could both be the respective ogres from the fairytale.  

Ram being the Red Ogre, and Rem being the Blue Ogre. 

But for some reason, I just don’t believe that.  

It just seems too simple for this tale; I don’t know why. 

Speaking of unexplainable mysteries, why on earth did Betty decide to make a contract with Subaru now? Was it really the guilt trip from Puck that convinced her to do it? 

The time loop messes with our perception of time, but this is technically still 1 – 3 days that the Roswaal household has known Subaru Natsuki.  

Why on earth would they go so far for him? 

Clearly, they were not that moved by his presence, nor his conviction. 

Anyway, I think I’ll leave this one here. 

It was cool watching this series again after a short break. I know this is only my episode four review, but I have been reading the Re Zero ‘What If’ scenarios, along with watching and enjoying tons of fan theory videos.   

This is a nice fandom, and I want to enjoy my time here. Especially while further exploring the series lore together with you all. ☺ 

Oh and before I forget, I noticed Betty used “汝” (なんじ), or ‘nanji’ while forming her contract with Subaru. That is an archaic form of speech in Japanese.   

I’ve been playing Persona 5 for the first time with the Japanese language pack installed, and that term is always used while forming the spirit contracts, or bonds. 

Maybe that’s what also made me pick up Ram’s Keigo (polite speech) while speaking to Subaru. I don’t know if she was speaking that way while he was an employee of the Roswaal mansion (rather, I believe she was talking down to him) but that was a neat thing to notice. 

Anyway, it’s really time for me to end this episode review, haha. 

So many beautiful shots this episode, as always. It's like Subaru is "seeing the light" for the first time, so to speak. Re Zero Ep 4.
So many beautiful shots this episode, as always. It’s like Subaru is “seeing the light” for the first time, so to speak. Re Zero Ep 4.

Why Does Subaru have the witch’s scent? Why did Rem attempt to kill Subaru twice? 

And why did the Witch of Envy try to stop Subaru from telling Emilia about his Return by Death power? 

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